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Go Figure

Times since '99 that both Super Bowl teams missed the next
year's playoffs, including the Bucs and Raiders this year.

Time before '99 that both Super Bowl teams missed the next
year's playoffs.

Wins in the first 28 games of the season for the Hornets,
giving coach Tim Floyd more wins than he had in any of his
three-plus seasons with the Bulls.

Amount the NFL fined Bengals QB Jon Kitna for wearing a hat
displaying a cross and a Bible verse at postgame interviews,
violating league rules forbidding players from wearing anything
but NFL apparel after games.

Price Chicago restaurateur Grant DePorter paid at auction for
the baseball that Cubs fan Steve Bartman knocked away from
Moises Alou in the NLCS; DePorter will publicly destroy the
ball to "create some closure to the way the season ended."

Years that Bills radio voice Van Miller has been with the
team; he will retire after the season, ending the longest current
stint of an announcer with the same NFL team.

Age of Germany's Eberhard Kliesch, the 2002 European over-60
hammer throw champ, who has been banned for two years for failing
a steroid test.