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Under Review

SI's Under Review-ers Choice Awards recall the highs and lows of
sports broadcasting in 2003:

PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR Joe Buck, Fox Sports. Buck, 34, has
become the Bob Costas of his generation, as comfortable calling a
game as he is chatting with Carson Daly. He's long been the top
baseball play-by-play man--in October he called his sixth World
Series--and this year he came into his own in his second season
as Fox's No. 1 voice in football. He's quick-witted with a
resonant voice and is not afraid to offer opinions, giving
viewers an extra analyst in the booth.

Rush Limbaugh. The biggest scoop Guerrero has provided on Monday
Night Football sidelines was that Paris Hilton and Bears
linebacker Brian Urlacher were in a "young" relationship (thanks,
Cronkite)....The aftermath of Limbaugh's complaining that Eagles
quarterback Donovan McNabb got preferential media treatment
because he's black: Limbaugh lost his ESPN job and a lot of
respect. McNabb has gone 10-2 and is playoff-bound.

BEST DOCUMENTARY Seabiscuit, PBS. Director Stephen Ives's
60-minute film on the Depression-era superhorse weaved together
never-seen home movies and newsreels and insightful interviews
with author Laura Hillenbrand and Norah Christianson, the
daughter of jockey Red Pollard--and cost about $120 million less
to make than the Hollywood version.

SHOW OF THE YEAR Playmakers, ESPN. The network hasn't decided
whether to renew its evening soap. But with provocative
storylines drawn from the NFL's seamiest side, we're hoping it
will. Viewers seem to like the show, even if NFL executives

--Richard Deitsch