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For Pete's Sake

BACK TO SCHOOL By leading his USC Trojans to a win over Michigan
in the Rose Bowl, former Jets and Patriots head coach Pete
Carroll became one of only five men to finish No. 1 atop the AP
college football poll after being an NFL head coach. The first
was Dan Devine, who led Notre Dame to the 1977 national
championship three years after he left the Packers. Who was the
last, before Carroll, to do it?

a. Dennis Erickson c. Howard Schnellenberger
b. Bobby Ross d. Gene Stallings

MENTOR PROGRAM After serving for three seasons as a graduate
assistant at his alma mater, Pacific, Carroll got his first
big-time football job as secondary coach at Arkansas in 1977.
Which eventual national-title-winning coach did Carroll work
under with the Razorbacks?

THIS WEEK'S MATCHUP The 2003 Trojans were one quarter away from
an unbeaten season before they fell to Cal at Berkeley on Sept.
27. Match these national champs with the team that made the only
blemish on an otherwise perfect record.

1. Florida, '96 a. Alabama
2. Georgia Tech, '90 b. Florida State
3. Oklahoma, '85 c. Miami
4. Penn State, '82 d. North Carolina

CALL TO ORDER Carroll has just finished his third year at USC.
Place these coaches in order of the number of wins each had in
their first three seasons leading the Trojans.

a. Pete Carroll c. John Robinson
b. John McKay d. Larry Smith


BACK TO SCHOOL: d. Gene Stallings coached Alabama to the 1992
national title after being the head coach of the St. Louis
Cardinals from 1986 to '89.

MENTOR PROGRAM: At Arkansas, Carroll was an assistant under
current South Carolina coach Lou Holtz, who led Notre Dame to
the national title in '88.

THIS WEEK'S MATCHUP: 1. b; 2. d (a tie); 3. c; 4. a

CALL TO ORDER: Robinson (31 wins from '76 to '78); Carroll (29
from '01 to '03); Smith (27 from '87 to '89); McKay (19 from '60
to '62)