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Go Figure

69 Straight home games won by UConn before Saturday's 68-67 loss
to Duke, leaving the Huskies in a tie with Tennessee for longest
home winning streak in Division I women's basketball.

34 Consecutive opponents held under 100 points by the Pistons, an
NBA record.

3 Number of 7-footers (Vladimir Stepania, Jake Tsakalidis,
Nikoloz Tskitishvili) in the NBA who were born in the Republic of

0 Number of 7-footers in the NBA who were born in the state of

$75,000 Amount the Yankees were fined by the New York state
lobbying commission for failing to disclose that they gave 2002
playoff tickets to politicians.

1 Pair of teammates named AP offensive and defensive players of
the year in the 29-year history of the awards, now that Jamal
Lewis and Ray Lewis of the Ravens have become the winners for

$149.12 Amount a pair of practice socks worn by defender Joy
Fawcett, and signed by her teammates on the 2003 U.S. Women's
World Cup soccer team, sold for on eBay.