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Instant Messaging With ... Oklahoma's diminutive freshman point guard Drew Lavender, whose 11.5 points and 4.3 assists a game have helped the Sooners to a 10-0 start


SI: You're listed at 5'7". How tall are you really?

Lavender: I'll say 5'6".

SI: What are some of your better nicknames?

Lavender: Tiny and Shorty Doo-Wop.

SI: When you show up at a court and people don't know who you
are, are you picked last for teams?

Lavender: It's happened. I just go play by myself. I know I'm
better than them anyway.

SI: Can you dunk?

Lavender: Yeah.

SI: Have you ever dunked in a game?

Lavender: I tried last year, but I missed. I got to the rim, and
then the ball slipped out of my hand.

SI: We heard you played on your high school golf team. Were you
any good?

Lavender: I probably averaged about a 42 for nine holes.

SI: Have you ever blocked somebody's shot?

Lavender: Yeah, a lot of shots.

SI: Any memorable ones?

Lavender: One time I blocked a taller guy's shot, and he turned
around and gave me a high five.

SI: Are you old enough to have watched Muggsy Bogues, who was

Lavender: Yeah, I remember him.

SI: Could you post him up?

Lavender: Yeah, he's too small.

SI: Any small role models?

Lavender: Primarily Muggsy and Spud Webb.

SI: What's the best thing, nonbasketball, about being your size?

Lavender: Girls like me because I'm small and cute. Like a Smurf.

SI: Seriously, how tall are you really?

Lavender: I'll stick with 5'6". In shoes, 5'7".