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In The Crease

In the next collective bargaining agreement, the league wants a
significantly higher maximum player fine than the current $1,000
limit. Recently the NHL suspended the Leafs' Mats Sundin (for
throwing a stick into the stands) and the Flyers' Jeremy Roenick
(throwing a water bottle at a ref) for one game instead of simply
imposing that toothless fine. In the future the NHL would prefer
to keep its stars on the ice and have a hefty monetary penalty
act as a deterrent for such transgressions.... The league is also
considering reducing the schedule from 82 to 70 games. A shorter
season would force player salaries down (revenue, of course,
would also decrease), but more important, it would make the
product better. With fewer games there would be more practice
time and players wouldn't get as banged up.... The Canadiens are
listening to offers for center Yanic Perreault, the league's top
face-off man. Any team that wants to acquire him will have to
persuade Perreault to drop his no-trade clause.