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Q+A Julie Krone

The 40-year-old Hall of Fame jockey (3,704 wins) was leading the
standings at Hollywood Park when she fractured two ribs in a Dec.
12 spill.

SI: Do you have a return date?

Krone: Feb. 6 or so. Halfbridled [whom Krone rode to victory at
the Breeders' Cup Juvenile Fillies last October] may return in
mid-February. I'd like to have some races under my belt by then.

SI: Just how much talking goes on between jocks during a race?

Krone: A lot. You can even tell a joke or make a golf date on the

SI: Rate Seabiscuit from a jockey's perspective.

Krone: There were lots of realistic parts, and I saw things that
had happened to me. Other parts I'd be like, Gosh, that was so
corny. I'd give it three stars. Very entertaining.

SI: For years you raced on the East Coast, now you're in Southern
California. How does the racing differ?

Krone: There are smaller fields on the West Coast, so positioning
is very important. You have to contribute more to the race, and
I'm much more aerobic. You have to push harder and be more
aggressive to get a good position early.

SI: Let's talk about your bobblehead doll, which was given out at
Hollywood Park in November.

Krone: It's a little more well-endowed than I actually am. When
the designer was working on the face of the bobblehead, I said,
"Hey, why don't you make the breasts a little bigger." (Laughs.)
He said, "O.K." And to think it didn't even cost me anything.

SI: Describe the moment right before the gates open at the
Kentucky Derby.

Krone: Your adrenaline is so high and your mind is so quick.
You're thinking faster than you can process. It's so instinctual
at that point, it's not the time you want to be thinking, Wow,
I'm in the Kentucky Derby. But in the post parade, when they play
My Old Kentucky Home, everybody tears up.

SI: You're part of an elite group of female athletes who have
married sportswriters [Daily Racing Form executive columnist Jay
Hovdey]. For show-and-tell day at school, do I bring in you and
your husband or Rebecca Lobo and SI's Steve Rushin?

Krone: You choose me and Jay, because I've never heard of

--Richard Deitsch

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COLOR PHOTO: BILL FRAKES (KRONE) Digs her "booblehead"