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Bob's Salad Bar Brawl Insider's memo depicts Knight as a 24-carrot nutcase

His Texas Tech team, ranked 18th in the nation, is having its
best season in eight years. So why is Bob Knight so angry? Don't
ask Tech chancellor David Smith, who was shouted at by the coach
at a Lubbock, Texas, salad bar on Feb. 2. In a memo summarizing
the event for the school (obtained by the Lubbock
Avalanche-Journal), Smith wrote, "I placed my hand on his
shoulder, kidded him about eating healthy, and stated that, 'Most
of us only hear the negatives, it's important that sometimes
someone remembers the positives.'" According to Smith, Knight's
"demeanor and bodily habitas [sic] changed drastically. With a
red face his response was curt and angry as he responded, 'I
always handle things well, and have always handled things well.'"
Last week Knight, probably not talking about lettuce, said, "I
should have shook my head, walked away ... and I didn't ... [but]
I absolutely did not instigate anything."