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Heard on the Range

After David Duval's agent, Charley Moore, said that the 2001
British Open champ hopes to make his '04 debut at the April 22-25
Shell Houston Open, the media have been treating Duval's
appearance as a foregone conclusion. But as of Monday, Duval had
not registered for the tournament. "I've heard that [David will
play] from several people in different cities, just not from
David or his agent," says tournament director Steve Timms....
Most people love the Masters, but Jerry Tucker, a club pro from
Stuart, Fla., took his appreciation a step beyond the norm. Two
years ago Tucker built a replica of the 155-yard 12th hole at
Augusta National in his backyard.... On March 28 Nike Golf's
business director Mike Kelly told The Oregonian that the company
planned to sell nonconforming clubs in the U.S., possibly within
two years. "We're not a traditional company, and we're going to
try to stretch the boundaries as much as possible for our
consumers and our players," Kelly said. Since then Nike has
backed away from the assertion, issuing a release that read in
part, "The statement was correctly reported by Oregonian
journalist Helen Jung; however, the information that Nike Golf
shared with Jung was inaccurate. Nike Golf has no plans at
present to introduce nonconforming golf clubs within the U.S."
... European tour players Miguel Angel Martin and Maarten Lafeber
do not get along. During the third round of last week's
Portuguese Open, Lafeber accused Martin of walking in his line
three times. Fed up with Lafeber's whining, Martin refused to
sign Lafeber's scorecard. Two years ago at the same tournament,
Lafeber and Carl Pettersson filed a joint complaint against
Martin for improving his lie in the rough, but since there was no
supporting video evidence, no action was taken.... Dave Farrell,
bassist for the rock band Linkin Park, donated $75,000 to the
Special Operations Warrior Foundation, which provides
scholarships for the children of special operations personnel
killed in combat. A huge golf fan and Phil Mickelson follower,
Farrell picked the charity after Mickelson announced earlier this
year that he would give the Warrior Foundation money for every
birdie and eagle he made on Tour. --J.G., Farrell Evans

COLOR PHOTO: DAVID LANE/PALM BEACH POST (REPLICA) AMEN, BROTHER Tucker's knockoff 12th has everything but azaleas.