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Headroom For Max

As host of ESPN's Around the Horn, Max Kellerman played
kindergarten cop for four yelping sportswriters who fired off
one-liners on Kobe and Shaq and Britney and Madonna. Now he gets
to be the distinguished professor of sports. On May 10 at 6 p.m.
Fox Sports Net will premiere I, Max, a 30-minute daily show on
which Kellerman will banter with a couple of as-yet-unnamed
sidekicks and interact with viewers. "Rather than being the point
guard, I will be the main scoring option," says Kellerman, 30,
who first made a name for himself with animated displays of his
encyclopedic knowledge of boxing on ESPN2. "On Around the Horn
the most I could show of my ability was to state a conclusion
with no chance to go through the analysis of what led me there.
Now I can."