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May 3, 2004 Table Of Contents

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Miss Wie It's Your Tee Time At 14, Michelle Wie is poised, confident, brilliant, brattish, driven--and able to blast a golf ball 290 yards. She and her parents have an ambitious plan to dominate golf. Women's golf, men's golf, all of it. But first she has

By Karl Taro Greenfeld

Sports Illustrated Bonus Section: Golf Plus

Inside Cover

Keeping It Real Hardly your typical Tour player, Jonathan Kaye says one of his goals this season is simply to blend in

By Josh Elliott

Swing Thoughts One tip is too many and 100 are not enough for the golfaholic author, whose unscripted trip detours to the lesson tee

By William Nack

Pour Sport Vijay Singh was one of the few players who left Houston with a smile

By Jim Gorant

Tardy On!

By Steve Rushin


By David Glenz

Heard on the Range

By Jim Gorant; Farrell Evans

Top 100 Poll

Sal Stats

By Sal Johnson

English Turn

By Gorjus George Lucas*

2¢ With Justin Leonard

By Justin Leonard

Card Games

By Jim Gorant

Sports Illustrated 50th Anniversary: Sports In America

Rite Of Spring On the first Saturday in May, Kentuckians rally around the Kentucky Derby, the state's top sporting event and a party like no other

By Tim Layden

Wild Cats Fan The actress's love for UK basketball epitomizes a statewide passion

By Ashley Judd

The Poll Kentuckians weigh in on sports*

Compiled by Bill Syken

Who & Where

Compiled by Bill Syken

Alltime Best For Kentucky's top 50 homegrown sports figures, go to

Compiled by Bill Syken

Memorable Quote

Compiled by Bill Syken

Greatest Moment

Compiled by Bill Syken


Compiled by Bill Syken

Pat Tillman, 1976-2004

Code of Honor

By Gary Smith Additional reporting by Jeffri Chadiha, Peter King, Tim Layden, Austin Murphy/Fort Benning, Tim McGirk/Islamabad, Darren Urban/Phoenix, Michael Ware/Khost and Rahimullah Yusufzai/Peshawar

NBA Playoffs

Out At Home The Mavericks thought they couldn't lose in Dallas, until the Kings beat them there in Game 4 to take control of their first-round series

By Chris Ballard

NFL Draft

What A Manning Wants In the first test of his NFL career, quarterback Eli Manning bucked the draft and came out on top

By Jeffri Chadiha

Power Play After seeing his team go soft, Al Davis made sure the Raiders got some hard hitters high in the draft

By Peter King

The State Of Coaching

Good Job. You're Fired! Even highly successful coaches have learned that winning doesn't guarantee security

By L. Jon Wertheim


Inside The Week in Sports

Inside Baseball

Fresh Start Now thriving in L.A., Milton Bradley has a message to send to Cleveland

By Daniel G. Habib

Three Up Three Down

By Albert Chen

Tom Verducci's View

By Tom Verducci

Inside The NHL

About-Face His jaw mended, Jeremy Roenick of the Flyers has a new playoff style

By Michael Farber

In The Crease

By Pierre McGuire

Inside Boxing

Special K Vitali Klitschko finally proved his mettle by seizing the WBC title

By Richard Hoffer

Short Jabs

By Richard Hoffer


Leading Off


The Secret Agent Investigators say Blues center Mike Danton conspired to murder the man who engineered his rise to the NHL

By Stephen Cannella Edited by Mark Bechtel and Sridhar Pappu

Marion's Bad Times Steroid rumors and slow clockings are making an Olympian's life tough

Edited by Mark Bechtel and Sridhar Pappu

Go Figure

Edited by Mark Bechtel and Sridhar Pappu

For The Record

Edited by Mark Bechtel and Sridhar Pappu

Final Word

By Sridhar Pappu Edited by Mark Bechtel

The Show

By Bill Scheft Edited by Mark Bechtel and Sridhar Pappu

Q+A John Thompson III

By John Thompson III; Richard Deitsch Edited by Mark Bechtel and Sridhar Pappu

Sports Beat

Edited by Mark Bechtel and Sridhar Pappu

The Week Ahead What to watch and watch for

By Julia Morrill Edited by Mark Bechtel and Sridhar Pappu

Under Review

By Sridhar Pappu Edited by Mark Bechtel

Faces in the Crowd

Trivial Matters

By David Sabino