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For The Record

RECOVERING from an inflamed heart and a lung infection, Diego
Maradona, who in 2000 was voted by fans as the best soccer player
of the 20th century. The 43-year-old former midfielder, who is
best known for leading Argentina to the 1986 World Cup
championship, was admitted to the Suizo-Argentino Clinic in
Buenos Aires on April 18 and has been in and out of a medically
induced coma. Despite his repeated suspensions for failing drug
tests and his brushes with the law (for tax fraud, paternity
suits and firing a gun at journalists), Argentines worship him as
a national hero. Outside the clinic hundreds of fans, some of
whom have been there for days, have erected a shrine of votive
candles and posters in the blue and gold colors of Maradona's
beloved Boca Juniors club. Doctors say his condition remains
guarded and progress is expected to be "slow and laborious."

RETIRED after a career in which he won three Stanley Cups and two
Olympic gold medals, New Jersey Devils center Igor Larionov, 43.
Touted as the Russian Wayne Gretzky early in his career, Larionov
played eight seasons for the Red Army team and led the Soviet
Union to Olympic gold in 1984 and '88. The visionary, cerebral
center--he wore wire-rimmed glasses and was known as the
Professor--joined the Canucks in 1989 but didn't flourish in the
NHL until Detroit acquired him early in the 1995-96 season.
Larionov became part of the NHL's first all-Russian shift and
helped the Red Wings win the Cup in 1997, '98 and 2002. Before
hanging up his skates for good and focusing on his business
ventures, which include a wine label, he will play in one last
game, an exhibition in Moscow this December. "It will be my first
time coming back to play for the Russians," he said. "It will be
a chance to say goodbye."

CHARGED with a felony gambling violation for allegedly running a
high-stakes card game out of his house, Ravens cornerback Corey
Fuller. (He denies the charge.) Police say Fuller, 33, who is due
to make $1 million this season, allegedly took 10% of the pots,
which sometimes reached $100,000. Fuller and six others were
arrested after an undercover agent infiltrated the game at the
player's Tallahassee, Fla., home--the site of a gun battle in
January in which 20 shots were fired between Fuller and an
intruder who broke up what Fuller at that time reportedly told
police was a friendly card game.

DIED of a gunshot wound to the throat, Nebraska soccer co-captain
Jenna Cooper, 21. Early on Sunday two men got into an argument at
a barbecue Cooper threw at her house following the conclusion of
the Huskers' spring schedule, and one fired a shot that
ricocheted and struck Cooper, who died 17 hours later. Cooper, a
junior mechanical engineering major from Louisville, played on
both the U.S. under-20 and under-21 national teams. "She was who
you'd want your kid to grow up to be," Nebraska coach John Walker

SUED by her parents, Anna Kournikova. Alla and Sergei Kournikova,
who are separated, filed suit last week to partition a
seven-bedroom Miami Beach mansion that Anna, 22, bought for $5
million in 2000--meaning it would be sold, with each party
receiving one third of the proceeds. (All three names are on the
deed, but Anna quickly countersued to have her parents removed.)
Howard Rudolph, the parents' lawyer, says they should be rewarded
for helping Anna become a professional--albeit winless--tennis
star. "These are good parents who gave up a tremendous amount for
her," he says. "She would not be where she is without her