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Bonds Issues

The Godfather Barry Bonds recently surpassed Willie Mays for
third place on the career home run list. Now Bonds will attempt
to do something his godfather couldn't: catch Babe Ruth, who is
second with 714 homers. Who was the last hitter Mays passed on
the career list?

a. Jimmie Foxx
b. Harmon Killebrew
c. Mickey Mantle
d. Frank Robinson

Damage Control Bonds has gone deep on likely Hall of Famers Greg
Maddux, Curt Schilling and John Smoltz (plus tough lefty Terry
Mulholland) eight times each, more than any other pitcher. Which
active hurler has faced Bonds the most times without giving up a
home run?

Who Am I? I have the most career home runs of any player who has
ever been a teammate of Bonds's (although only 19 of my dingers
came when we played on the same team). My 398 home runs place me
in a tie for 38th on the alltime list. In 18 seasons I won one
batting title, one home run title and two RBI titles. Do you know
my name?

Call to Order Barry and his father, Bobby, have combined for 999
career home runs. Place these other father-son duos in order of
their combined career home run total.

a. Felipe and Moises Alou
b. Ken Griffey Sr. and Ken Griffey Jr.
c. Bob and Bret Boone
d. Tony and Eduardo Perez


THE GODFATHER: a. On Aug. 17, 1966, Mays hit homer number 535,
passing Foxx for second place.

DAMAGE CONTROL: John Franco has faced Bonds 39 times without
serving up a home run.

WHO AM I? I am Andres Galarraga. I played with Bonds on the
Giants in 2001 and 2003.

CALL TO ORDER: b. the Griffeys (636 homers: 484 for Ken Jr., 152
for Ken Sr.); a. the Alous (452 homers: 246 for Moises, 206 for
Felipe); d. the Perezes (438 homers: 379 for Tony, 59 for
Eduardo); c. the Boones (331 homers: 226 for Bret, 105 for Bob)