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May 10, 2004 Table Of Contents

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Sports Illustrated Bonus Section: Golf Plus

Inside Cover

Happy Warrior Back on the job after a whirlwind of celebration, Phil Mickelson savored the delights of being Masters champion

By John Garrity

Quick Read From plot to bottom line, all you need to know about the most recent wave of books about the game

By Jeff Silverman

Play It Again Vijay Singh gave a repeat performance during a second Monday matinee

By Jim Gorant


By Mike Lopuszynski

Heard on the Range

By Jim Gorant; Farrell Evans

Top 100 Poll

By Jim Gorant

Sal Stats

By Sal Johnson

All Al, All the Time

By Steve Rushin

Kingsmill Golf Club

By Gorjus George Lucas*

2¢ With Paul Azinger

By Paul Azinger

Gurus & Gizmos

By Jim Gorant

Scorecard Extra

Amazin' Gracelessness In praise of the '86 Mets, baseball's brashest, most boorish champs

By Charles Hirshberg

Sports Illustrated 50th Anniversary: Sports In America

Semi Tough In rugged Montana, semipro football tests the mettle of a dedicated band of players

By Josh Elliott

Open Range If you like golf--and no waiting at the first tee--Big Sky Country is for you

By Bryan Di Salvatore

The Poll Montanans weigh in on sports*

Compiled by Bill Syken

Who & Where

Compiled by Bill Syken

Alltime Best For Montana's top 50 homegrown sports figures, go to

Compiled by Bill Syken

Memorable Quote

Compiled by Bill Syken

Greatest Moment

Compiled by Bill Syken


Compiled by Bill Syken

Triple Crown

Smart Money

Smarty Jones silenced the skeptics with an impressive win in the Kentucky Derby and collected a $5 million bonus in the process

By Tim Layden

Horse Sense Those who still doubt Smarty Jones would be wise to reconsider

By Mark Beech

NBA Playoffs

The Jefferson Factor In the Eastern semifinals, the Nets' hopes of defeating Detroit rest in the hands of absurdly athletic forward Richard Jefferson

By Jack McCallum

Best Foot Forward The skinny on Detroit's Tayshaun Prince: He saves his A-game for when it matters most

By Ian Thomsen

Stanley Cup Playoffs

A Star At Last? Maddeningly inconsistent in the past, Vincent Lecavalier was brilliant in leading Tampa Bay into the conference finals

By Michael Farber

Just In Time Goaltender Evgeni Nabokov's playoff revival has saved the Sharks in some tight spots

By Stephen Cannella

World's Biggest Rivalry

Diplomacy By Other Means The world's biggest sports rivalry, India versus Pakistan, was renewed in a series of matches that promised either better relations between the two countries--or an explosion of violence

By S.L. Price

Six Simple Rules This crib sheet won't make you an expert in one-day international cricket, but it's a start

By Richard Gibbs


Mister Softie? At 73, George Steinbrenner is saying lots of nice things and acting happier than ever. But nobody's relaxing in Yankeedom. The Boss still has more power than any other owner in sports, and he knows how to use it

By Tom Verducci


Inside The Week in Sports

Inside Baseball

Who Needs A-Rod? Quietly taking over at shortstop, hot-hitting Michael Young has sparked Texas's stunning start

By Daniel G. Habib

Three Up Three Down

By Albert Chen

Managers In Trouble

The Rocket's Red Glare Roger Clemens's 5-0 Start

By Albert Chen

Tom Verducci's View

Inside Motor Sports

Rising Kahne Rookie Kasey Kahne came up empty in Fontana, but his day is coming

By Lars Anderson

Bred and Buttered

By Rick Reilly


Leading Off

Bright Lights, Little City A small burg in South Dakota is home to the nation's leading scoreboard maker

By Bill Syken

Powerhouse Performers These five gifted athletes will be among the difference makers when the spring's champions are crowned

By John Walters; Brian Cazeneuve; Kelley King; Yi-Wyn Yen; Melissa Segura


By Roy Blount Jr.

The Two Faces Of Jayson When the verdict came at former NBA player Jayson Williams's manslaughter trial, it was clear the jury had overlooked a large chunk of his personality

By Phil Taylor Edited by Mark Bechtel and Sridhar Pappu

A Perfect Family In Wisconsin a father-son pitching duo pulls off a million-to-one shot

By Josh Elliott Edited by Mark Bechtel and Sridhar Pappu

Go Figure Edited by Mark Bechtel and Sridhar Pappu

For The Record

Edited by Mark Bechtel and Sridhar Pappu

Parity Takes a Hit

By Seth Davis Edited by Mark Bechtel and Sridhar Pappu

Bedded Like Beckham The Morpheus the merrier: A 67-minute video of a soccer star's siesta has London museumgoers mesmerized

By Laura Barton Edited by Mark Bechtel and Sridhar Pappu

Helping Hand

Edited by Mark Bechtel and Sridhar Pappu

The Show

By Bill Scheft Edited by Mark Bechtel and Sridhar Pappu

Q+A John Kruk

By John Kruk; Richard Deitsch Edited by Mark Bechtel and Sridhar Pappu

Sports Beat

Edited by Mark Bechtel and Sridhar Pappu

The Week Ahead What To Watch And Watch For

By Julia Morrill Edited by Mark Bechtel and Sridhar Pappu

Cinematic Bogey

By Sridhar Pappu Edited by Mark Bechtel

Milestone Marks

By Sridhar Pappu Edited by Mark Bechtel

Sideline Switch

By Richard Deitsch Edited by Mark Bechtel and Sridhar Pappu

Faces in the Crowd