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Q+A Snoop Dogg The rapper-actor and Orange County youth football coach stars in Soul Plane, which opens May 28.

SI: In Soul Plane you play a pilot. If you're flying our plane,
what kind of ride should we expect?

Snoop: It'll be smooth, with heavy elevation and a lot of

SI: Karl Malone has a cameo in the film as an homage to Kareem
Abdul-Jabbar in Airplane. Can the Mailman act?

Snoop: Yeah, he was straight. I give him a 9 1/2.

SI: What sport would we be surprised to know you like?

Snoop: Tennis. I used to like Ivan Lendl. He was sharp. An old
schooler. Make it happen and roll out. Now I like Venus and
Serena, but Ivan was the truth.

SI: You often sport the jersey of your favorite baller, Shaq. If
you had to guard him, what would you do?

Snoop: I'd foul him every time.

SI: You played football at Long Beach Poly High, and now you're a
wide receiver on the Snoop Dogg All-Stars, a semipro team. How
good are you?

Snoop: I'm the best receiver next to Randy Moss. They call me
Snoop the Boss Moss. When I play defense, they call me the Range

SI: You're offensive coordinator for the Rowland Heights Raiders,
your son Spanky's junior peewee team. Are you old school like
Lombardi and Parcells?

Snoop: I'm more like Tom Landry, cool, calm and collected. And I
have the brim on at every game.

SI: What's the one sporting event you would love to attend if you
had the chance?

Snoop: It'd be fly for me to be at Wimbledon.

SI: Is there one athlete you'd like to play in a movie?

Snoop: Oh, definitely. Julius Erving. Dr. J.

SI: Frankie Muniz of Malcolm in the Middle bragged that he took
you to the hole in a celebrity basketball game a couple of years
ago. That can't be true, can it?

Snoop: I let him do that. He's a little kid. Why do I need to be
blocking a little kid's shot? That don't move me. I let him have
the moment in his life.

SI: I'm thinking the shizzle was off tha hizzle in this
intervizzle. Am I right?

Snoop: Yeah. And let it be the last hizzle, my dizzle.

--Richard Deitsch


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