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Doubling Down Srange but True!

WON By 15-year-old twins Alex and Scott Chun, arguably the most
coincidence-laden high school doubles tennis match ever played.
Fighting a case of double vision, the freshman duo beat twins
Eric and Spencer MacColl 6-4, 4-6, 11-9 for the Marin County
(Calif.) title on May 5. All of the competitors were born at the
same San Francisco hospital on Feb. 13--the MacColl brothers in
1988 and the Chuns in '89. "It's kind of freaky," says Alex, who
attends Tamalpais High with his brother. "We looked across the
net and saw two guys who looked the same. I guess that's what
people see when they look at us."

During the match, which was played the afternoon of a full moon,
both teams displayed twinlike telepathy--each MacColl said he had
a premonition his brother would double fault during the match,
and in each case it happened--and clonelike form. "Both teams
were so in sync that it was almost as if they were doing a
dance," says Carrie Zarraonandia, the tennis coach at Redwood
High, where the MacColls are sophomores.

The pairs of identical twins grew up about 10 miles apart but
didn't meet until three years ago at a tennis clinic. They got to
talking and discovered they had a lot in common: They all love
the Bryan brothers (the identical twins who play for the U.S.
Davis Cup team), each shares a bedroom with his twin, and they
all play stringed musical instruments. "It's pretty cool,"
Spencer says. "We've met brothers who play together but never
twins." The MacColls and the Chuns have faced each other in
singles matches, but their doubles showdown at the league finals
was their first meeting as a foursome. "It kicked in that this
was pretty freaky after we played them," Eric says. "And it got
even weirder when we talked with them after the match. They were
exactly the same. And I'm sure they were thinking the same thing
about us. You know, I couldn't tell them apart." --Yi-Wyn Yen

COLOR PHOTO: JAMES SUGAR (TWINS) TWINS PEAK Eric, Alex, Scott and Spencer (clockwise from topleft) make up the top doubles teams in their county.