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May 31, 2004 Table Of Contents

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Sports Illustrated Bonus Section: Si Adventure

Inside Cover

Fall Guy Kayaker Tao Berman redefines his sport with daunting drops

By Frederick Reimers

Pacific Paradise Surfers have discovered the swell from hell in Tahiti

By Yi-Wyn Yen

My Spot With Hira Teriinatoofa, Pro Surfer

By Yi-Wyn Yen; Hira Teriinatoofa

He's King of the Hills Speed climbing's rising star, Chad Kellogg, an endurance wonder who runs up mountains, sets his sights on the world's second-highest peak, K2

By Christopher Solomon Edited by Yi-Wyn Yen

Out There New records are set on Everest, but the mountain remains as fearsome as ever

By Bill Syken Edited by Yi-Wyn Yen

Indoor Adventure Why make a harrowing trek across the Tibetan steppe? To save a baby antelope, of course

By Charles Hirshberg Edited by Yi-Wyn Yen


Edited by Yi-Wyn Yen

What It Takes From Atlantic City to Kuala Lumpur, BASE jumper Miles Daisher goes over the edge

Edited by Yi-Wyn Yen

Missy, We're Gonna Miss You

By Austin Murphy

Sports Illustrated Bonus Section: Golf Plus

Inside Cover

Where's The Love? A three-time major champion with Ryder Cup cred and a Hall of Fame track record, Larry Nelson gets no respect

By Gary Van Sickle

Skin Tight A rare hot putter helped Steve Flesch eke out a victory at the Colonial

By Gary Van Sickle; Jim Gorant


By Steve Rushin

Big Play With Jim Suttie Relying on the Tour's most supple and natural swing, Steve Flesch blasted a 335-yard drive right down the pike on 18 to wrap up the Colonial

Heard on the Range

By Jim Gorant; Farrell Evans

Top 100 Poll

By Jim Gorant

Sal Stats

By Sal Johnson

TPC at Southwind

By Gorjus George Lucas*

Help Wanted

By Jim Gorant

2¢ With Kenny Perry

By Kenny Perry

Catching Up With...

Johnny Podres, Pitcher JANUARY 2, 1956

By Stephen Cannella

Sports Illustrated 50th Anniversary: Sports In America

Diamond District From Brooklyn to Buffalo, the summer game of choice is minor league baseball

By Franz Lidz

Totally Amazing Following the '69 Mets helped the author survive in his new surroundings

By Phil Taylor

The Poll New Yorkers weigh in on sports*

Compiled by Bill Syken

Who & Where

Compiled by Bill Syken

Alltime Best For New York's top 50 homegrown sports figures, go to

Compiled by Bill Syken

Memorable Quote

Compiled by Bill Syken

Greatest Moment

Compiled by Bill Syken


Compiled by Bill Syken

NBA Playoffs

Give'Em Howl

Led by Kevin Garnett (the intense one) and Latrell Sprewell (the inspired one), the Timberwolves fought back against the up-and-down Lakers in the Western finals

By Jack McCallum

It's Still Miller Time He's no longer the Pacers' main weapon, but Reggie Miller remains vital to their shot at the title

By Ian Thomsen

Stanley Cup Finals

The Great Iginla

By Michael Farber


Who's Clean, Who's Not? That's the question swirling around the U.S. track and field team, which could be decimated before the Olympics by a crackdown on performance-enhancing drug users

By George Dohrmann

Don't Stop Now Long derided for going easy on drug cheats, the U.S. must keep pressing its efforts to come clean

By Tim Layden

Pro Football

Joe and the Space Cowboys Even Joe Gibbs admits that he and his coaching cronies may be crazy for returning to Washington to try reviving the Redskins

By Michael Silver


Con Games At a New Jersey prison, 32 felons competed for a chance to take on an Ivy League chess whiz

By Michael Bamberger


Inside The Week in Sports

500 to One Heartland hero Sam Hornish is the odds-on favorite at the Brickyard

By Lars Anderson

Inside Baseball

No Regrets Despite A-Rod's cool reception in Texas, the trade was a win-win deal

By Albert Chen

Big Unit Reaches Perfection Randy Johnson's Dominance

By Albert Chen

Tom Verducci's View

By Tom Verducci

Inside College Basketball

Who's No. 1? In recruiting, Kentucky is, thanks to three McDonald's All-Americans

By Seth Davis

Changes for The Cardinal Monty Leaves Stanford

By Kelli Anderson

Inside Olympic Sports

Rulon Rules Gutsy Rulon Gardner ignored his injuries and won the U.S. trials

By Brian Cazeneuve

Inside Motor Sports

Good Teammates Don't Bump Busch-Biffle Crash

By Lars Anderson

Girls Will Be Girls

By Rick Reilly


Leading Off


The Old College Try With NBA stars continually snubbing the U.S. Olympic team, SI's Roy S. Johnson says it's time to give the ball back to the players who care

By Roy S. Johnson Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Sridhar Pappu

Jock Justice Sex, drugs and pick-and-rolls: America's sports lawyers confer

By L. Jon Wertheim Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Sridhar Pappu

Go Figure

Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Sridhar Pappu

For The Record

Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Sridhar Pappu

Tony Randall 1920-2004

Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Sridhar Pappu

Agassi's End Game

By S.L. Price Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Sridhar Pappu

The Show

By Bill Scheft Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Sridhar Pappu

Q+A Michael Vartan

By Michael Vartan; Richard Deitsch Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Sridhar Pappu

The Week Ahead What to watch and watch for by

By Julia Morrill Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Sridhar Pappu

Under Review

Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Sridhar Pappu

The Poll Position

Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Sridhar Pappu

Sports Beat

Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Sridhar Pappu

Faces in the Crowd

Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Sridhar Pappu