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My Spot With Hira Teriinatoofa, Pro Surfer

TEAHUPOO The waves are so powerful and intense, a lot of surfers
say it's scarier than the Pipeline--and I think so, too. The
waves are thick and shallow. There's so much water moving around.
It sounds as if the whole ocean is breaking on the reef. From the
beach, it sounds like a sonic boom.

HAAPITI This is on Moorea, Tahiti's sister island. You catch a
25-minute ferry ride to get there. I go to Haapiti when I want to
practice my tricks. The waves are more fun and relaxed, and it's
not as hollow as Teahupoo, which means it's easier to make turns.

PAPARA This is where I grew up surfing. It's all coconuts and
bright sunshine. During the summers, I'll surf here three times a
day whenever I can. The Irons brothers have come here to practice
with me, for the Billabong contest.

COLOR PHOTO: PIERRE TOSTEE/ASP (TERIINATOOFA) The Tahitian Slater tabs the hot spots