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Q+A Michael Vartan

The 35-year-old Alias star and avid L.A. Kings and Mets fan is
featured with the Stanley Cup in the NHL's ad campaign

SI: For a huge hockey fan like you, how big a thrill was it to
hang around the Cup?

Vartan: I've worked with some of the hottest women in Hollywood,
and it's by far the most nervous I've been on camera. The moment
I saw the Cup I got the chills. The first 10 takes I flubbed
every line.

SI: You only moved to the U.S. at age 18. How does a guy from
Fleury, France, become a Mets fan?

Vartan: I had Mets pajamas as a kid.

SI: You're filming Monster-in-Law with Jennifer Lopez, a Yankees
fan, and Jane Fonda, who was married to the owner of the Braves.
Have you outlawed baseball talk on the set?

Vartan: The first thing I told Jane was, "I was a huge fan of
yours until I saw you sitting in the stands of Turner Field doing
the tomahawk chop."

SI: You play pickup hockey several times a week. Do you wear a
mask so that pretty face of yours doesn't get smacked?

Vartan: Oh, yeah. Believe me, I'd welcome a couple of pucks and
high sticks to the face, but I gotta protect the investment.

SI: In filming the NHL playoff spots, did you get to drink out of
the Cup?

Vartan: I didn't, but I have a new puppy and I tried to get her
to sit in the top of the Cup for a picture. She wouldn't get near
it. She knew unless you've won it, you can't touch it.

SI: You've said you would trade everything to be a pro athlete.
Do you expect us to believe you'd trade a role on a hit show and
dating one of the world's most beautiful women [Alias co-star
Jennifer Garner, right] just to lead Tie Domi's life?

Vartan: The last part is tough. I would not trade dating Jennifer
for anything, but if I were Tie Domi, maybe I could still date
her. (Laughs.) Of course I'm over the hill now. I throw a
baseball for 15 minutes, and the next day I can't move my arm. I
sort of realize it's over.

--Richard Deitsch

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