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Tony Randall 1920-2004

Eulogized at a funeral in New York City, actor Tony Randall, 84,
who died on May 17 of pneumonia. Randall's classic role as
anal-retentive bachelor Felix Unger on ABC's The Odd Couple
(1970-75) included a visit to the Monday Night Football set with
his sportswriter roomie Oscar Madison (Jack Klugman) who was to
sit in with Howard Cosell. When Madison became paralyzed with
fear, Unger grabbed the mike to do play-by-play: "Roger Staubach
takes the snap from center. He elegantly fakes a handoff to Duane
Thomas and fades back to pass. He's in trouble ... he's
scrambling ... he's scrambling with the dexterity of a lizard!"
Said Klugman, 82, at the service, "A world without Tony Randall
is a world I will never recognize."