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July 12, 2004 Table Of Contents

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Sports Illustrated Bonus Section: Golf Plus

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First Up

Brothers In Arms Separately Stephen and Robert Ames were the two best golfers from Trinidad. Together they're aiming for the top of the PGA Tour

By John Garrity and Farrell Evans

Welcome tae Troon!

By Jimmy Main

On A Roll Riding a sizzling putter during a record-setting finish, Meg Mallon made winning a second Women's Open look like kid stuff

By Seth Davis

It's Tiger Time After a year of "close" encounters, Woods is ready for Troon

By Gary Van Sickle; Jim Gorant

Big Play With T.J. Tomasi

By T.J. Tomasi

Heard on the Range

By Jim Gorant; Farrell Evans


By Jim Gorant

Sal Stats

By Sal Johnson

Royal Troon

By Bobbie Millen*

Natalie vs. Anna

By Jim Gorant

2¢ with Tommy Armour III

By Tommy Armour III

Sports Illustrated 50th Anniversary

The Poll

Compiled by Bill Syken

Greatest Moment

Compiled by Bill Syken


Compiled by Bill Syken

Memorable Quote

Compiled by Bill Syken

Alltime Best For each state's top 50 homegrown sports figures, go to

Compiled by Bill Syken


Splendor on the Grass

In two memorable Wimbledon finals that pumped new life into tennis, teenage wonder Maria Sharapova and racket wizard Roger Federer conquered America's best

By S.L. Price


"He's The Perfect Player" A no-nonsense star who does it all, Scott Rolen embodies the Cardinal virtues in St. Louis. (And first place is nice too.)

By Tom Verducci

Meanwhile, Back In Philly.... Slugger Jim Thome is helping fans forget about Scott Rolen

By Albert Chen

Tom Verducci's All-star Ballot

By Tom Verducci

Pro Basketball

Cirque De L.A. Kobe Bryant couldn't persuade Mike Krzyzewski to join the Lakers, who showed they'll jump through hoops to keep their star happy

By Jack McCallum


The Gods Must Be Crazy

In winning Euro 2004, underdog Greece turned the soccer world upside down and struck an Olympian blow for national pride

By Grant Wahl

Where Are They Now?

Fifth Annual Where Are They Now?

Forever Growlin' So what if the former Chicago Bears linebacker is 61, lives in Malibu and hasn't suited up in more than three decades? The biggest Monster of the Midway is as ornery as ever

By Rick Telander

Playing on the Hill These seven esteemed jocks have all shown serious game in the halls of Congress

Compiled by Bill Syken

Hitting Cleanup In a 12-year major league career, Nails was best known for his hard living and down-and-dirty style. So how did he polish up his act? By opening an upscale chain of car washes

By Alan Shipnuck

Where's the Chief? Robert Parish left the game vowing never to return. But like his old teammates from Boston, he's no longer content to be on the sideline

By Leigh Montville

The Last Triple Crowns Two SI Sportsmen of the Year have seen the ultimate prize in two sports go unclaimed by generations of athletes

By Gene Menez

Still Beaming Success has followed the only U.S. women's gymnastics team to win Olympic gold, at the '96 Atlanta Games

Compiled By Jaime Lowe

The Flip of The Flop He had a big body and a bigger mouth. And he was the biggest bust the NFL had known. How did Tony Mandarich reclaim his self-respect after being a national joke?

By Austin Murphy

Heath Shuler Dogged by failure and injuries in the NFL, he's back in business, two of them

By Bill Syken

David Clyde His second climb to the big leagues will take far longer than his first

By Lars Anderson

Larue Martin The top pick of the '72 draft has overcome his descent into hoops infamy

By Chris Mannix

Reality Show Ten years ago Hoop Dreams briefly turned two childhood pals from Chicago into American idols, but a Hollywood ending has proved elusive

By Seth Davis

La Dolce Vita! Based in Milan since retiring from the ring 16 years ago, the former middleweight champion is training his sights on leading-man status in Italian cinema

By L. Jon Wertheim

Kermit Washington A onetime NBA pariah delivers medical supplies to an impoverished nation

By Bill Syken

Chris Brown The toughness of a talented former major leaguer is no longer questioned

By Franz Lidz

Game Over In 1986 SI sized up the nation's top sixth-through 12th-graders. How did they grade out? Three reached the NBA, but only one is still playing

By Chris Mannix

Notoriously Big Three athletes who were known as much for their girth as their game

By Adam Duerson

Joan Benoit Samuelson

By Jaime Lowe

Mel Turpin

By Adam Duerson

Greg Luzinski

By Adam Duerson

Andrea Jaeger

By Jaime Lowe

Derek Sanderson

By Michael Farber

Downtown Fred Brown Uptown Fred Brown

By Jaime Lowe

Michelle Akers

By Kayleen Schaefer


By Franz Lidz

Eric Heiden

By Brian Cazeneuve

Brien Taylor

By Jaime Lowe

A Rare Bust At No. 1

By David Sabino

Gerard Phelan

By Chris Mannix

The Munson Family

By Melissa Segura

A Life After Wide Right

Thirteen years after missing a Super Bowl-winning field goal, the ex-Bill views his worst moment as a step in the right direction

By Karl Taro Greenfeld

A Gentleman in a Pinstripe Suit

By Rick Reilly


Baseball As Backdrop Jackie Robinson is at the heart of Robert Parker's latest mystery

By Charles Hirshberg Edited by Mark Bechtel and Stephen Cannella

Leading Off


Whos behind the Wheres

Blood Brothers

By Steve Rushin

Wieners and Losers

A nation of carb avoiders and calorie counters seems fascinated by the concept of competitive eating. Gentleman, start your stomachs

By Charlie Leerhsen

Let The Games Begin China looks to suppress its Olympic past

By David Wallechinsky Edited by Mark Bechtel and Stephen Cannella

Go Figure

Edited by Mark Bechtel and Stephen Cannella

For The Record

Edited by Mark Bechtel and Stephen Cannella

Wicket Cool

By Lisa Altobelli Edited by Mark Bechtel and Stephen Cannella

The Show

By Bill Scheft Edited by Mark Bechtel and Stephen Cannella

Q+A Jamie Foxx

By Jamie Foxx; Richard Deitsch Edited by Mark Bechtel and Stephen Cannella

Sports Beat

Edited by Mark Bechtel and Stephen Cannella

Now On SI.comThe Daily Blog

By Stephen Cannella Edited by Mark Bechtel and Stephen Cannella

The Poll Position

Edited by Mark Bechtel and Stephen Cannella

The Week Ahead What To Watch And Watch For

By Julia Morrill Edited by Mark Bechtel and Stephen Cannella

Under Review

By Nancy Ramsey Edited by Mark Bechtel and Stephen Cannella

Faces in the Crowd

Edited by Mark Bechtel and Stephen Cannella