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Greg Luzinski

These days he looks like a wine barrel balanced atop a pair of
sturdy supports, each resembling one of the massive turkey legs
he offers on his menu. Greg Luzinski has finally landed where
fans always imagined he was most comfortable: behind a barbecue
grill. Following a 15-year career as a major league outfielder
and DH, the Bull--a nickname that characterized his power (307
career homers) as well as his stature (the four-time All-Star
estimates that at his peak he carried 250 pounds on his 6'1"
frame)--went home to Benita Springs, Fla., in 1996 and perfected
his barbecue recipes.

Now he can be found at Bull's BBQ, which occupies a tent beyond
rightfield at Citizens Bank Park, the new stadium in
Philadelphia, where he spent 11 seasons. Luzinski, 53, wanders
the stands before games, signs autographs and taste-tests his
ribs, pulled pork and chicken. His big ambition: whipping the
proprietor of Boog's Barbecue at Camden Yards in Baltimore,
former Orioles slugger and close friend Boog Powell, in a
grill-off, perhaps in Atlantic City.



COLOR PHOTO: AL TIELEMANS BULL MARKET In a city famous for barbecuing its athletes, theformer Phillie does his share of grilling.