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Notoriously Big Three athletes who were known as much for their girth as their game

Swing a sledgehammer for a half hour at the crack of dawn. Face
100 pitches from the left side of the plate, then 100 more from
the right side. Rest. Repeat. That's part of the drill at George
Scott's summer baseball clinic, which has an enrollment of one:
his son Brian, an 18-year-old standout infielder who recently
graduated from Greenville (Miss.) High and has a scholarship to
Alcorn State. In August, when the average high in Greenville is
93°, good ol' Dad adds hill sprints to the regimen.

After managing in Mexico and the independent leagues, Boomer, 60,
now tutors Brian, the youngest of his three sons. Though
admittedly not in great shape--the 6'2" Scott says he's pushing
270 pounds--he has the wisdom of a ballplayer who hit 271 home
runs and won eight Gold Gloves between 1966 and '79. "Knowing
what I know," Scott says, "I can make him twice the player I

--Adam Duerson

COLOR PHOTO: PATRICK MURPHY-RACEY HAMMER TIME For the Red Sox and Brewers, Boomer swung a bigstick, although it wasn't as heavy as the one with which his sontrains.