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My Spot With Dan Gavere, Pro kayaker One happy resident gives the lowdown on action in his Hood

Kite Beach This is where the Hood River dumps into the Columbia,
and there's a lot of sediment. It's a soft, sandy place to launch
from, and it's shallow. On some days you can walk halfway across
the Columbia River.

POST CANYON There are plenty of places to ride here, for people
of all skill levels. I've helped build a lot of the stunts used
for freeriding--some BMX-style jumps that are constructed in the
forest out of the existing wood.

WHITE SALMON RIVER The Hood's awesome, but the White
Salmon--especially the Little White Salmon--has some of the best
Class 5 runs in the country. It's got a 45-foot waterfall called
Spirit Falls, and some of the springs that feed the river are so
clean that I drink from them. The White Salmon is actually in
Washington but only about 15 or 20 minutes from the Hood River.