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Playing In

Playing in the 119-year-old Cape Cod Baseball League can be
humbling, we learn in Touching the Game, which airs nationally
Saturday at 4 p.m. on WGN. College stars accustomed to aluminum
bats routinely see their averages plummet when they switch to the
CCBL's wood. But Game really scores when it goes off the field.
The kids, many of whom are months away from big contracts (more
than 200 current major leaguers played on the Cape), bunk with
host families and work menial jobs for minimum wage. The Reds'
Sean Casey, who now makes $6.8 million a year, toiled in a
supermarket, where he purposely dropped bagels on the floor--so
they couldn't be sold and he could take them home to eat.

--Lisa Altobelli