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Trivial Matters


National Hero Chicago righty Greg Maddux, who has spent his
entire career with the Cubs and the Braves, is closing in on his
300th career victory. The last player to reach the 300 mark was
Roger Clemens, who when he hit the milestone had won all of his
games in the AL. Who is the last man to get 300 wins while
pitching exclusively in the senior circuit?

a. Steve Carlton c. Tom Seaver
b. Nolan Ryan d. Don Sutton

Brothers in Arms Maddux's older brother, Mike, is a former big
league pitcher and is now the Brewers' pitching coach. Combined
they have won 336 major league games (as of Monday). Which pair
of brothers has the most wins?

Who Am I? Greg Maddux and I were arguably the two best players
drafted in 1984. I went in the first round; he was picked in the
second. While Maddux is considered the pitcher of the 1990s, I
was the decade's top slugger--and I homered twice off him in 19
career at bats. The two of us are locks for the Hall of Fame, but
I'll get there first because I retired following the 2001 season.
Can you guess my identity?

Call to Order A former and present Cub, Maddux won 194 games for
Atlanta from 1993 to 2003. Rank these pitchers in order of games
they won for Chicago in Maddux's absence.

a. Jon Lieber c. Steve Trachsel
b. Kevin Tapani d. Kerry Wood


NATIONAL HERO: a. Having pitched for only the Cardinals and the
Phillies at the time, Carlton won his 300th career game in 1983.
He would later change leagues and finish his career with 329

BROTHERS IN ARMS: The Niekros (Phil and Joe) won 539 games from
1964 to '88.

WHO AM I? I am Mark McGwire.

CALL TO ORDER: c. Trachsel (60 wins); d. Wood (59); b. Tapani
(51); a. Lieber (48)