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Medal Picks Here's the outlook for all 301 events, as well as the U.S. prospects and a gallery of international stars

U.S. OUTLOOK: No medals are likely, though Jennifer Nichols could
pull off a surprise in the women's individual. The men's and
women's teams are aiming for bronzes.


Gold--Michele Frangilli, Italy
Silver--Im Dong Hyun, South Korea
Bronze--Wietse van Alten, Netherlands

Frangilli defeated Im 113-112 at the 2003 world finals in New
York City.


Gold--South Korea

The U.S. trio needed extra arrows to break a tie with Russia for
2000 bronze.


Gold--Yun Mi Jin, South Korea
Silver--Park Sung Hyun, South Korea
Bronze--Natalia Valeeva, Italy

Yun led the Koreans to a medal sweep in Sydney.


Gold--South Korea

In 2000 South Korea broke world records in the prelims and

U.S. OUTLOOK: No American has won an Olympic medal in this sport;
the doubles team of Kevin Han and Howard Bach is 20th in the


Gold--Lin Dan, China
Silver--Chen Hong, China
Bronze--Wong Choong Hann, Malaysia

Flashy "Super Dan" gives military salutes after victories.


Gold--Paaske & Rasmussen, Denmark
Silver--Fu & Cai, China
Bronze--Eriksen & Lundgaard-Hansen, Denmark

Asian teams have won every medal in this event since it was added
in 1992.


Gold--Gong Ruina, China
Silver--Zhang Ning, China
Bronze--Mia Audina, Netherlands

Gong and Zhang were both world champions.


Gold--Yang & Zhang, China
Silver--Gao & Huang, China
Bronze--Lee & Ra, South Korea

Chinese pairs swept the medals at the Sydney Games.


Gold--Ra & Kim, South Korea
Silver--Gao & Zhang, China
Bronze--Emms & Robertson, Great Britain

Ra Kyung Min and Kim Dong Moon are 12-0 since winning the 2003

U.S. OUTLOOK: In a stunning upset the defending Olympic champs
failed to qualify, losing to Mexico in regional play. Some U.S.
faces will be on hand, as the Greek team, financed by Baltimore
Orioles owner Peter Angelos, has 22 North Americans on its
roster, including former New York Yankees utilityman Clay


Three of the eight teams in the field come from Europe.

U.S. OUTLOOK: Two golds are expected, though the men are in more
danger of being upset, having placed sixth at the 2002 worlds. On
a break from the WNBA season, the women are fighting injuries and


Silver--Serbia & Montenegro

The U.S. is 109-2 in Olympic play since basketball was added in



The U.S. is 31-1 in Olympic play dating back to 1976.

U.S. OUTLOOK: Bleak. Andre Dirrell and Andre Ward are the only
fighters with a serious shot at a gold medal. An aberration? The
U.S. didn't win gold in the ring in Sydney, either.

48 kg (106 lbs.)

Gold--Sergei Kazakov, Russia
Silver--Yan Bartelemy, Cuba
Bronze--Harry Tanamor, Philippines
Bronze--Zou Shiming, China

This would be China's first medal in boxing.

51 kg (112 lbs.)

Gold--Georgi Balakshin, Russia
Silver--Jerome Thomas, France
Bronze--Yuriolkis Gamboa, Cuba
Bronze--Somjigt Jongjohor, Thailand

Two-time European champion Balakshin is making his Olympic debut.

54 kg (119 lbs.)

Gold--Guillermo Rigondeaux, Cuba
Silver--Agassi Mamedov, Azerbaijan
Bronze--Gennady Kovalev, Russia
Bronze--Ali Hallab, France

Mamedov represented Turkey at the 2000 Games.

57 kg (126 lbs.)

Gold--Galib Jafarov, Kazakhstan
Silver--Vitaly Tajbert, Germany
Bronze--Jo Seok Hwan, South Korea
Bronze--Abdusaalom Khasanov, Tajikistan

Sydney champ Bekzat Sattarkhanov, a Kazakh, died in a 2000 car

60 kg (132 lbs.)

Gold--Mario Kindelan, Cuba
Silver--Dimitar Stilianov, Bulgaria
Bronze--Pichai Sayotha, Thailand
Bronze--Aydyn Selcuk, Turkey

Mario's cousin is Orestes Kindelan, Cuba's alltime home run king.

64 kg (141 lbs.)

Gold--Alexander Maletin, Russia
Silver--Willy Blain, France
Bronze--Rock Allen, U.S.
Bronze--Juan de Dios Navarro, Mexico

Allen was DQ'd at the 2000 trials after his brother Tiger weighed
in for him.

69 kg (152 lbs.)

Gold--Oleg Saitov, Russia
Silver--Lorenzo Aragon, Cuba
Bronze--Sherzod Husanov, Uzbekistan
Bronze--Kim Jung Joo, South Korea

Saitov could become the fourth boxer to win three Olympic titles.

75 kg (165 lbs.)

Gold--Gennady Golovkin, Kazakhstan
Silver--Yordanis Despaigne, Cuba
Bronze--Andre Dirrell, U.S.
Bronze--Gaiderbek Gaiderbekov, Russia

Thanks to his upbringing, Dirrell rarely has a meal without milk.

81 kg (178 lbs.)

Gold--Yevgeny Makarenko, Russia
Silver--Andre Ward, U.S.
Bronze--Ali Ismailov, Azerbaijan
Bronze--Beibut Shumenov, Kazakhstan

Ward has tattooed the name of his late father, Frank, on his

91 kg (201 lbs.)

Gold--Odlanier Solis, Cuba
Silver--Alexander Alekseyev, Russia
Bronze--Vugar Alakparov, Azerbaijan
Bronze--Viktor Zuyev, Belarus

Solis replaces three-time champ Felix Savon, 34, who is a year
over the age limit.

91+ kg (201+ lbs.)

Gold--Alexander Povetkin, Russia
Silver--Roberto Cammarelle, Italy
Bronze--Jason Estrada, U.S.
Bronze--Rustam Saidov, Uzbekistan

Estrada sports a tattoo on his left arm that reads: LIGHTS OUT.

U.S. OUTLOOK: Former Israeli Rami Zur (kayak singles 500 meters)
and 2002 world champ Rebecca Giddens (slalom) could both reach
the podium.


Canoe singles 500 meters

Gold--Maxim Opalev, Russia
Silver--Andreas Dittmer, Germany
Bronze--Martin Doktor, Czech Republic

Doktor was DQ'd for encroaching on Dittmer in a 2000 heat, then

Canoe singles 1,000 meters

Gold--Andreas Dittmer, Germany
Silver--David Cal Figueroa, Spain
Bronze--Maxim Opalev, Russia

Defending champ Dittmer works 20 hours a week as a bank teller.

Canoe pairs 500 meters

Gold--Kozmann & Kolonics, Hungary
Silver--Baraszkiewicz & Jedraszko, Poland
Bronze--Popescu & Simiocencu, Romania

The Polish pair placed second by .25 of a second in Sydney.

Canoe pairs 1,000 meters

Gold--Sliwinski & Woszczynski, Poland
Silver--Kovalev & Kostoglod, Russia
Bronze--Popescu & Simiocencu, Romania

Florin Popescu won the gold medal in Sydney with another partner.

Canoe singles slalom (whitewater)

Gold--Tony Estanguet, France
Silver--Michal Martikan, Slovakia
Bronze--Stefan Pfannmoller, Germany

Martikan received a presidential pardon in 2000 after killing a

Canoe pairs slalom (whitewater)

Gold--Hochschorner & Hochschorner, Slovakia
Silver--Volf & Stepanek, Czech Republic
Bronze--Becker & Henze, Germany

Twins Pavol and Peter Hochschorner are defending champions.

Kayak singles 500 meters

Gold--Nathan Baggaley, Australia
Silver--Lutz Altepost, Germany
Bronze--Akos Vereckei, Hungary

Baggaley was once a national champion in surf lifesaving.

Kayak singles 1,000 meters

Gold--Ben Fouhy, New Zealand
Silver--Eirik Veras Larsen, Norway
Bronze--Nathan Baggaley, Australia

Fouhy used his savings to pay his way to the 2003 worlds, which
he won.

Kayak pairs 500 meters

Gold--Rauhe & Weiskotter, Germany
Silver--Duonela & Balciunas, Lithuania
Bronze--Piatrushenka & Makhnev, Belarus

Three rain stoppages and 40-mph winds delayed the Sydney final by
five hours.

Kayak pairs 1,000 meters

Gold--Ferguson & Fouhy, New Zealand
Silver--Larsen & Fjeldheim, Norway
Bronze--Oscarsson & Nilsson, Sweden

Steven Ferguson's father, Ian, won three flatwater golds at the
1984 Games.

Kayak fours 1,000 meters


The Germans and Hungarians have gone gold-silver at the last
three Olympics.

Kayak singles slalom (whitewater)

Gold--Fabien Levevre, France
Silver--Thomas Schmidt, Germany
Bronze--Campbell Walsh, Great Britain

Walsh has a mathematical physics degree from Nottingham


Kayak singles 500 meters

Gold--Katalin Kovacs, Hungary
Silver--Caroline Brunet, Canada
Bronze--Aneta Pastuszka, Poland

In 2000 Brunet's second straight Olympic silver ended her
two-year winning streak.

Kayak pairs 500 meters

Gold--Szabo & Pota, Hungary
Silver--Portillo & Rivas, Spain
Bronze--Fischer & Leonhardt, Germany

Birgit Fischer, 42, has won two medals at each of four Olympics.

Kayak fours 500 meters


Germany's Fischer won the first of her seven Olympic gold medals
in 1980.

Kayak singles slalom (whitewater)

Gold--Elena Kaliska, Slovakia
Silver--Mandy Planert, Germany
Bronze--Stepanka Hilgertova, Czech Republic

Hilgertova bathed in a bathtub filled with champagne after her
2000 win.

U.S. OUTLOOK: Tyler Hamilton is the top hope, if he can overcome
a back injury sustained in the Tour de France.

Road race

Gold--Paulo Bettini, Italy
Silver--Erik Zabel, Germany
Bronze--Robbie McEwen, Australia

Lance Armstrong declined a spot on the U.S. team last month.

Individual time trial (road)

Gold--Jan Ullrich, Germany
Silver--Tyler Hamilton, U.S.
Bronze--Michael Rogers, Australia

No U.S. rider, male or female, has won an Olympic time trial.

One-km time trial (track)

Gold--Stefan Nimke, Germany
Silver--Theo Bos, Netherlands
Bronze--Arnaud Tournant, France

Nimke missed gold in 2000 by .122 of a second.

4,000-meter individual pursuit

Gold--Sergi Escobar Roure, Spain
Silver--Brad McGee, Australia
Bronze--Bradley Wiggins, Great Britain

McGee won bronze in Sydney despite riding with a broken left

4,000-meter team pursuit

Silver--Great Britain

The Aussies have won three consecutive world championships.


Gold--Laurent Gane, France
Silver--Theo Bos, Netherlands
Bronze--Ryan Bayley, Australia

Gane hails from the French territory of New Caledonia in the
South Pacific.

Olympic sprint

Gold--Great Britain

France edged Britain in the 2000 final by .342 of a second.

Points race

Gold--Juan Llaneras Rossello, Spain
Silver--Franck Perque, France
Bronze--Juan Esteban Curuchet, Argentina

Rossello lapped the field to win gold in Sydney.


Gold--Curuchet & Perez, Argentina
Silver--Marvulli & Risi, Switzerland
Bronze--Rybin & Yakovlev, Ukraine

None of these countries had duos in the top six in 2000.


Gold--Jobie Dajka, Australia
Silver--Laurent Gane, France
Bronze--Florian Rousseau, France

At press time, Dajka was awaiting word on a drug investigation.

Mountain bike

Gold--Filip Meirhaeghe, Belgium
Silver--Julien Absalon, France
Bronze--Bart Brentjens, Netherlands

Meirhaeghe's physique has earned him the nickname Popeye.

Road race

Gold--Oenone Wood, Australia
Silver--Mirjam Melchers, Netherlands
Bronze--Susanne Ljungskog, Sweden

The word oenone means "wood nymph" in Greek.

Individual time trial (road)

Gold--Judith Arndt, Germany
Silver--Joane Arrola Somarriba, Spain
Bronze--Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli, France

Longo-Ciprelli, 45, is a six-time Olympian who's won four medals.

500-meter time trial (track)

Gold--Yvonne Hijgenaar, Netherlands
Silver--Jiang Yong Hua, China
Bronze--Anna Meares, Australia

Jiang holds the world record of 34.000 seconds.

3,000-meter individual pursuit

Gold--Sarah Ulmer, New Zealand
Silver--Leontien van Moorsel, Netherlands
Bronze--Katie Mactier, Australia

Ulmer broke van Moorsel's world record in May with a time of


Gold--Svetlana Grankovskaya, Russia
Silver--Victoria Pendleton, Great Britain
Bronze--Anna Meares, Australia

World champ Grankovskaya is a brilliant strategist.

Points race

Gold--Olga Slusareva, Russia
Silver--Belem Guerrero Mendez, Mexico
Bronze--Lyudmila Vypyraylo, Ukraine

Slusareva is married to her coach, Mikhail Rostovsev.

Mountain bike

Gold--Gunn-Rita Dahle, Norway
Silver--Alison Sydor, Canada
Bronze--Sabine Spitz, Germany

Dahle has won 10 straight World Cup races.

U.S. OUTLOOK: Once a power in the sport, the U.S. could fail to
win a medal for the first time since 1912. Brothers Justin and
Troy Dumais have a shot in synchro 3-meter, and Laura Wilkinson
will try to repeat her 10-meter victory.



Gold--Wang Feng, China
Silver--Alexandre Despatie, Canada
Bronze--Ken Terauchi, Japan

Despatie, the world 10-meter champ, stands 5'1" and weighs 130


Gold--Tian Liang, China
Silver--Alexandre Despatie, Canada
Bronze--Rommel Pacheco, Mexico

Tian's parents keep all his medals but have never seen him
compete in person.

Synchronized springboard

Gold--Peng & Wang, China
Silver--Dobroskok & Sautin, Russia
Bronze--Barnett & Newbery, Australia

Peng's given name, Bo, means "full of vigor" in Mandarin.

Synchronized platform

Gold--Tian & Yang, China
Silver--Taylor & Waterfield, Great Britain
Bronze--Dobroskok & Galperin, Russia

Leon Taylor played the role of an injured diver on the British
soap Hollyoaks.



Gold--Guo Jingjing, China
Silver--Yulia Pakhalina, Russia
Bronze--Wu Minxia, China

Wu Minxia should not be confused with 2000 champ Fu Mingxia.


Gold--Emilie Heymans, Canada
Silver--Li Ting, China
Bronze--Lao Lishi, China

Belgian-born Heymans edged Lao on her last dive to win worlds by
two points.

Synchronized springboard

Gold--Guo & Wu, China
Silver--Ilyina & Pakhalina, Russia
Bronze--Lashko & Newbery, Australia

Vera Ilyina graduated from Texas and once worked for Enron.

Synchronized platform

Gold--Lao & Li, China
Silver--Espinosa & Luna, Mexico
Bronze--Folauhola & Tourky, Australia

Israeli-born Loudy Tourky won synchro silver at worlds after
tearing a triceps.


U.S. OUTLOOK: This is the most balanced team the U.S. has fielded
in international competition. Medals are likely in every
discipline and possible in each event.

Individual three-day event

Gold--William Fox-Pitt, Great Britain
Silver--Pippa Funnell, Great Britain
Bronze--Linda Algotsson, Sweden

This competition includes a round of night jumping, a new twist
for eventing horses.

Team three-day event

Gold--Great Britain

The U.S. squad won gold at the 2002 world championships.

Individual dressage

Gold--Anky van Grunsven, Netherlands
Silver--Ulla Salzgeber, Germany
Bronze--Debbie McDonald, U.S.

The U.S. last won an individual dressage medal at the 1932

Team dressage


The Germans have won gold at the last five Olympics.

Individual jumping

Gold--Ludger Beerbaum, Germany
Silver--Marcus Ehning, Germany
Bronze--Beezie Madden, U.S.

Madden's husband, John, doubles as her trainer.

Team jumping


Despite France's 2002 world title, Germany enters as a strong

U.S. OUTLOOK: This is America's strongest Olympic team ever. Yale
junior Sada Jacobsen should be the first U.S. woman to win a
fencing medal, and the men's sabre squad could make the podium
for the first time since 1948.


Individual epee

Gold--Alfredo Rota, Italy
Silver--Marcel Fischer, Switzerland
Bronze--Fabrice Jeannet, France

Rota scored the decisive points in Italy's 2000 team win.

Team epee


The Russians failed to crack the final eight in Sydney.

Individual foil

Gold--Salvatore Sanzo, Italy
Silver--Andrea Cassara, Italy
Bronze--Wu Hanxiong, China

Sanzo could be the fifth Italian since 1976 to win this event.

Team foil


The top three ranked foilists in the world are Italian.

Individual sabre

Gold--Stanislav Pozdniakov, Russia
Silver--Mihai Covaliu, Romania
Bronze--Aldo Montano, Italy

Pozdniakov has won five straight European titles.

Team sabre


The Russians have won each of the last three gold medals.


Individual epee

Gold--Laura Flessel-Colovic, France
Silver--Adrienne Hormay, Hungary
Bronze--Li Na, China

Flessel-Colovic, the 1996 champ, served a three-month doping
suspension in 2002.

Team epee


The Hungarians and the world champs from Russia are also in the

Individual foil

Gold--Valentina Vezzali, Italy
Silver--Sylwia Gruchala, Poland
Bronze--Giovanna Trillini, Italy

Defending champ Trillini is trying to win a medal at her fourth
straight Olympics.

Individual sabre

Gold--Sada Jacobsen, U.S.
Silver--Elena Nechaeva, Russia
Bronze--Anne-Lise Touya, France

Jacobsen is the first U.S. woman fencer to be ranked No. 1 in the

U.S. OUTLOOK: The U.S. women missed qualifying for Athens by one
spot. The U.S. men--ranked 24th in the world and 0-28-1 in
Olympic history--missed by much more.



The Australian men have won six medals, none of them gold.



The Aussie women are two-time defending Olympic champs.

U.S. OUTLOOK: Both U.S. teams are deep, but Blaine Wilson, Jason
Gatson and Morgan Hamm are hobbled, which could jeopardize the
men's chances. A women's medal is assured with Carly Patterson
and Courtney Kupets leading the way for the Magnificent Six.




U.S. men have never won team gold at a nonboycotted Olympics.

Individual all-around

Gold--Paul Hamm, U.S.
Silver--Yang Wei, China
Bronze--Hiroyuki Tomita, Japan

No U.S. man has won an all-around medal at a nonboycotted Games.

Floor exercise

Gold--Kyle Shewfelt, Canada
Silver--Paul Hamm, U.S.
Bronze--Marian Dragulescu, Romania

Team officials reprimanded Shewfelt in '01 when he took leave to
finish school.

Pommel horse

Gold--Xiao Qin, China
Silver--Marius Urzica, Romania
Bronze--Teng Haibing, China

A Canadian judge gave gold medalist Xiao the only 10.0 at the
2003 worlds.


Gold--Dimosthenis Tampakos, Greece
Silver--Jordan Jovtchev, Bulgaria
Bronze--Matteo Morandi, Italy

Blaine Wilson could have won this event had he not torn a biceps
in February.


Gold--Li Xiaoping, China
Silver--Huang Xu, China
Bronze--Yevgeny Sapronenko, Latvia

Li's signature vault is a round-off to the board, half on, 2 1/2

Parallel bars

Gold--Li Xiaopeng, China
Silver--Marian Dragulescu, Romania
Bronze--Jason Gatson, U.S.

Dragulescu started gymnastics as a boy in order to get out of
karate class.

Horizontal bar

Gold--Vlasios Maras, Greece
Silver--Paul Hamm, U.S.
Bronze--Ivan Ivankov, Belarus

Away from gymnastics, Maras is an avid snowboarder.



U.S. coaches left three individual world champions off the Mag 6.

Individual all-around

Gold--Svetlana Khorkina, Russia
Silver--Carly Patterson, U.S.
Bronze--Daniela Sofronie, Romania

At 25, Khorkina would be the first nonteen to win all-around gold
since '68.


Gold--Monica Rosu, Romania
Silver--Oksana Chusovitina, Uzbekistan
Bronze--Yelena Zamolodchikova, Russia

Chusovitina, 29, unretired to earn cash for her son's leukemia

Uneven bars

Gold--Svetlana Khorkina, Russia
Silver--Courtney Kupets, U.S.
Bronze--Beth Tweddle, Great Britain

Khorkina has 13 European, world and Olympic titles on bars.

Balance beam

Gold--Fan Ye, China
Silver--Carly Patterson, U.S.
Bronze--Catalina Ponor, Romania

Look for Patterson's dismount, an Arabian double front.

Floor exercise

Gold--Daiane dos Santos, Brazil
Silver--Cheng Fei, China
Bronze--Catalina Ponor, Romania

In 2003, dos Santos became the first Brazilian gymnast to win a
world title.


Individual all-around

Gold--Alina Kabaeva, Russia
Silver--Anna Bessonova, Ukraine
Bronze--Irina Chashina, Russia

Kabaeva played a circus contortionist in the Japanese film Red



Russia needed tie-breaking criteria to edge Belarus for Sydney



Gold--Yuri Nikitin, Ukraine
Silver--David Martin, France
Bronze--Alexander Moskalenko, Russia

Trampolinists must be at least 18 in the calendar year (16 for
artistic gymnasts).


Gold--Irina Karavaeva, Russia
Silver--Karen Cockburn, Canada
Bronze--Anna Dogonadze, Germany

Scoring errors gave Karavaeva world gold; she presented it to the

U.S. OUTLOOK: Jimmy Pedro returns from two years of retirement
and could add to his '96 bronze. Ronda Rousey, 17, a future star
at 63 kg, takes after her mom, AnnMaria, a 1984 world champ.


60 kg (132 lbs.)

Gold--Tadahiro Nomura, Japan
Silver--Anis Lounifi, Tunisia
Bronze--Craig Fallon, Great Britain
Bronze--Ludwig Paischer, Austria

Nomura would be the first judoka to win three Olympic titles.

66 kg (145 lbs.)

Gold--Arash Miresmaeili, Iran
Silver--Larbi Benboudaoud, France
Bronze--Elchin Ismaylov, Azerbaijan
Bronze--Yordanis Arencibia, Cuba

Miresmaeili, 23, has been on Iran's national team since age 15.

73 kg (161 lbs.)

Gold--Lee Won Hee, South Korea
Silver--Vitali Makarov, Russia
Bronze--Daniel Fernandes, France
Bronze--Jimmy Pedro, U.S.

In their only match Pedro defeated Lee at the 2003 Korean Open.

81 kg (178 lbs.)

Gold--Sergei Aschwanden, Switzerland
Silver--Alexei Budolin, Estonia
Bronze--Ilias Iliadis, Greece
Bronze--Florian Wanner, Germany

Sergei's Kenyan mom chose the Russian name, though he has no
Russian blood.

90 kg (198 lbs.)

Gold--Zurab Zviadauri, Georgia
Silver--Carlos Honorato, Brazil
Bronze--Hwang Hee Tee, South Korea
Bronze--Mark Huizinga, Netherlands

Sydney champ Huizinga is an officer in the Royal Dutch Air Force.

100 kg (220 lbs.)