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Peter King's Five Things I Think I Think

1 I think the Cowboys paid an awful lot of guaranteed money to
Eddie George. To give a guy who's clearly in the twilight of his
career $1.5 million when they didn't have to--I mean, Jerry Jones
is smarter than that, isn't he?

2 I think I'd like to thank Ricky Williams for giving us something
to write other than snoozy training camp previews. I also think I
heard on Sunday, reliably, that Eddie George would have been a
Dolphin if Ricky had called Dave Wannstedt 48 hours earlier to
say he was retiring. No doubt about it. And Antowain Smith might
have been a Dolphin, not a Titan, with better timing.

3 I think this is my Baseball Note of the Week. I've watched enough
Red Sox games over the past month (roughly all of them) to make
one statement: Yes, their defense is abominable, but the biggest
reason why this team is .500 over the past three months is that
Scott Williamson is disabled and Curtis Leskanic has been
pitching. Sounds simplistic, but middle relief is just killing
this team.

4 I think when I start my training-camp tour this week in Denver,
I'll be interested to meet and watch the Broncos' second-round
draft pick, Tatum Bell (left). I've heard a lot of good things
about the 5'11", 213-pound running back from Oklahoma State, and
he could be the guy Mike Shanahan turns to if Quentin Griffin
isn't the man early.

5 I think that I enter training camp looking at a
Seattle-Jacksonville Super Bowl. Still. Call me crazy.

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