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2¢ With Todd Hamilton

* JOHN DALY The People’s golfer.

* CAPTAIN’S PICKS I’d go with Nos. 11 and 12, so there’s no second-guessing.

* BRITISH WIN I’m still getting over my win at the Honda Classic.

* BEST CONGRATS A note from Jack Nicklaus, my boyhood idol.

* CLARET JUG They said, “Just don’t check it when you fly.”

* LENO VS. LETTERMAN Letterman. People loved the Top 10 list [I did].

* FIRST PITCH AT SHEA Sorry, but I’m a Cubs fan.

* NOMAR TRADE I like it, but the pitching has to get better.

* AUTOGRAPHS Before, 25 a day. Now, 100.

* GROUPIES None yet.