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August 23, 2004 Table Of Contents

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2004 Olympics

Water Craft

Michael Phelps's ambitious gold rush hit a couple of bronze bumps, but he remained the center of attention as his medal haul grew, befitting the world's most versatile swimmer

By Tim Layden

Into the Pool with Pride

Natalie Coughlin showed her colors: gold and silver

By Michael Silver

Wrecking Crews

The powerful men's and women's eights want no less than gold

By Brian Cazeneuve

Finally, a Happy Ending

For the U.S. water polo team, a brutal training regimen paid off with a last-minute

By Kelli Anderson

Hi-Ho Silver!

The gold went to Japan, but the U.S. men's gymnastics team, led by the dazzling Hamm twins, were thrilled to be on the podium at last

By E.M. Swift

Undercover Games

By Don Yaeger

Uplifting Farewell

By Jack McCallum

Volley Girls

Beach volleyball shakes up its show

By Richard Hoffer


While getting spanked by Puerto Rico in its first game, the U.S. basketball team played like an NBA team--the Clippers--and the Americans' nightmare in Athens may have just begun

By Jack McCallum

Bench Marks

Diana Taurasi isn't used to being a sub. No problem

By Kelli Anderson

Brilliant, but Bittersweet

Three shutout wins can't erase a lingering sense of loss

By Michael Farber

It's Greek to Them

By Michael Farber

Mountain of Youth

By Jack McCallum

Inside Dope

By Don Yaeger

Quick Work

By Michael Farber

Here to Maternity

By Michael Farber

Two Good

In synchronized diving the Chinese still rule the pool

By Kelli Anderson

The Contenders?

By Richard Hoffer

The View from Here

By L. Jon Wertheim

Village People

Good food, bad movies--the athletes' colossal compound has it all

By Brian Cazeneuve

Iraq on a Roll

Two improbable soccer wins raised spirits and worked as a salve for past pain and future uncertainty

By Grant Wahl

American Graffiti

In an ambivalent Athens one message is clear: At these Games restraint could be as precious as gold for the U.S. and its athletes

By S.L. Price

Special Bonus Section: Sports Illustrated Presents: Fantasy Football 2004

Inside Cover

You the Fan

Frustrated with your favorite team? In this game no one is more powerful than a fantasy owner

By Chris Ballard

Dream Team

By David Sabino

Gotta Have 'Em

By David Sabino

Fantasy Fanatic

By Gene Menez

Sports Illustrated Bonus Section: Golf Plus

Inside Cover

Not Even Close

Short on confidence, lacking motivation and with no one to turn to, Tiger Woods has lost his mojo

By Michael Bamberger

Team Effort

Saving their best for last at Whistling Straits, Chris DiMarco and Chris Riley played their way onto a U.S. Ryder Cup side badly in need of their help

By Gary Van Sickle

Baby Steps

For the handful of natives playing in the Russian Open, simply making the cut would have been a major accomplishment

By John Garrity

Up & Down

Vijay's victory, Smilin' Marvin and Ryder Cup fallout from the PGA Championship

By Jim Gorant

Big Play With Jim Suttie

By Jim Suttie

Heard on the Range

By Jim Gorant

Golf Plus/ Poll

Voting hours at 7 p.m. EST Sunday to 3 p.m. EST Monday

By Jim Gorant

Sal Stats

By Sal Johnson


By GORJUS George Lucas*

2¢ With Donald Trump

By Donald Trump

Victors' Spoils

Air and Space

Eat a Gyro, Be a Hero

By Steve Rushin


Straits To the Top

With a dogged playoff win in the PGA Championship at Whistling Straits, Vijay Singh removed any doubt that he is the world's best player

By Alan Shipnuck



De La Salle High is a Catholic boys' school in a quiet Northern California suburb, with modest facilities, unassuming student-athletes--and a football team that has won 151 games in a row

By Kelley King

One Terrible Loss

De La Salle copes with a death in the football family

By Kelley King


Boom Times

Let's go back-back-back through 25 years with ESPN's Chris (Boomer) Berman, whose outsized enthusiasms have stamped his network, sports and television



Inside The Week in Sports

Inside The NFL

Weighing In

A trim Ron Dayne looked like his old self in the Giants' win over K.C.

By Jeffri Chadiha

Falcons Will Let Vick Fly

Atlanta's New Offense

By Jeffri Chadiha

Inside Baseball

Early Risers

The Indians are ahead of schedule in their run at the AL Central leader

By Albert Chen

Three Up Three Down

B.J. Upton a Ray of Hope

Tampa's Rookie Shortstop

Tom Verducci's View

The Life of Reilly

One Not-So-Shining Moment

By Rick Reilly


Friends in High Places

The Oakland Raiders, of all teams, have a host of former players in prominent NFL positions

By Andrew Lawrence

Life Before the Dodgers and Giants

Even before the arrival of its major league teams, California played an integral role in baseball's development

By Ron Fimrite

Baseball's Dolce Vita

Far off the beaten path, in the Italian minor leagues

By Bill Syken

Leading Off

You Get the Picture


SI Presents: The Great Pigskin Debate

National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice and Democratic consultant James Carville rarely see eye-to-eye, especially on USC and the Fighting Irish Interviews by Don Yaeger

By Don Yaeger

Taking a Pass

The NHL declines to get involved in yet another star's gambling mess

Hairy Situations

How They'll Look According to SI's JOHNNYDAMONIZER 4000

Go Figure



By Bill Scheft


By Rulon Gardner

Sports Beat

The Week Ahead


By Julia MorrILL

Under Review

By Nancy Ramsey

The Poll Position

Faces in the Crowd

By Mark Bechtel