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Peter King's Five Things I Think I Think

1 I think the Bears got the better of the Adewale Ogunleye trade. I like Marty Booker, but a good second receiver is not what the Dolphins needed. A running back is. And I would have waited for a team desperate for a pass-rusher to offer its best back, or I would have told the Bears the only way this thing's getting done is if you give up Anthony Thomas.

2 I think, based on two preseason games, that it's going to be an awful hard sell for Tom Coughlin to pick Kurt (Feet of Stone) Warner as the Giants' starting quarterback.

3 I think it will be interesting, but hardly difference-making, if Deion Sanders plays for the Ravens. He's 37. His career was built on speed. He left the game three years ago because injuries slowed him. Let's not get all excited about a nickelback.

4 I think Carolina has had its share of dubious characters in its star-crossed 10-year history (Rae Carruth tops that list), but there is no team now with more standup, high-character, just-plain-folks guys up and down the roster--from Jake Delhomme (left) to Mark Fields to Stephen Davis to Mike Minter to Matt Willig.

5 I think, speaking of Delhomme, that he has this in common with his high school idol, Brett Favre: Both men live in the Deep South on property bordering state highways, and they cut their own grass on riding mowers. I mean, you can't hope to learn that information anywhere else, can you?

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