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Peter King's Five Things I Think I Think



I THINK I've got to hand it to Terrell Owens. The man does have a sense of theater. And Andy Reid might lead the league in brains for making Owens a priority on routes when the Eagles got near the end zone. It's a smart thing to do footballwise, and it's a smart thing to do Terrellwise. Three TDs on opening day is a great way to make Owens one of the guys, one of the very big guys.


I THINK you are going to hear a hundred times from the Patriots early this season that they don't miss Ted Washington all that much. Yeah, right. Washington played only 30% of the snaps last year, so they can win without him. But the difference between Ted Washington and Keith Traylor is something like the difference between Ernest Hemingway and Peter King. Come on now.


I THINK Shannon Sharpe might be the genuine item. Heard him say on his first regular-season CBS show yesterday, "You know what's worse than the New York Giants' offensive line? The New York Giants' defensive backfield. They are atrocious."


I THINK the Falcons must be somewhat encouraged by Mike Vick yesterday, but I wouldn't say he exactly had a game for the ages. The West Coast, Vick-run offense will be a work in progress all season.


I THINK no team suffered a more damaging loss over the weekend than my candidate for most overrated team of the offseason, Houston. Losing to San Diego at home? Uh, Houston, we have a problem. Last month in Pittsburgh I saw the Texans lose 38-3 in the most one-sided preseason game I've ever seen, and I kept wondering if that was a fluky August thing. Apparently not.

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