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The 10 Spot

1 Here's how long baseball has been dragging its feet on the Expos: The D.C. bid might be imperiled by influential politician Marion Barry. Yes, that Marion Barry. The 68-year-old former mayor of D.C. won the Democratic primary for a city council seat last week. In the heavily Democratic city he's all but a lock to win the general election in November. And what is one of his major campaign promises? No public financing for a D.C. ballpark. "Over my dead body," Barry said. "I don't believe we should spend one cent of taxpayer money on a stadium." Looks like you have a battle on your hands, Bud.

2 Nike began airing a 30-second commercial last Friday in Canada urging NHL owners and players to end the lockout. The spot shows an idle, soundless hockey rink with its 19,000 seats vacant. The company felt it could wait no longer to unveil the ad since Canadians had been without NHL-level hockey for, oh, nearly 72 hours.

3 The Broncos have been fined $950,000 and will lose their third-round pick in the 2005 draft for circumventing the salary cap between 1996 and '98. NHLPA executive director Bob Goodenow immediately called Mike Shanahan for tips on how to beat the cap.

4 Carmelo Anthony got into a nightclub fracas last week. Sources tell The 10 Spot that the trouble started after he had been sitting at the club for an hour; we all know how much 'Melo hates sitting.

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