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For the Record

The career of former heavyweight champ Riddick Bowe, 37, who KO'd tomato can Marcus Rhode in the second round last Saturday in his first fight since 1996 (above). "I feel like a kid in a candy store," Bowe said afterward, and his jiggly physique suggested he may have trained in one. Bowe--who entered the ring in a robe emblazoned with the words BIG DADDY--refused to mount the scale at Friday's weigh-in, and he appeared to weigh around 280 pounds. Not that it mattered against Rhode (29-26-1), a 32-year-old who was knocked to the canvas four times before the fight was stopped. Bowe, who was released from prison in April after serving 17 months for kidnapping his ex-wife, proclaimed himself the heavyweight division's "uncrowned champ" and said he wants to fight every three weeks until he's ready to contend for the real title next year.

Of conspiracy and using a telephone across state lines to set up a murder, Katie Wolfmeyer. The 19-year-old was the alleged coconspirator of St. Louis Blues center Mike Danton, who pleaded guilty in July to trying to hire a hit man to kill his agent and longtime father figure David Frost. Earlier this year Danton called Wolfmeyer, a nursing student at St. Louis Community College who worked as a desk attendant at the Blues' practice facility, and asked if she knew anyone who would "do anything" for $10,000. The plot unraveled when Wolfmeyer put Danton in touch with a friend who instead called the FBI. Jurors apparently believed Wolfmeyer when she testified that Danton never told her he wanted Frost killed. "I knew all along I was innocent," she said.

For allegedly plastering a woman with about 20 Penn State stickers against her will, a group of female Nittany Lions cheerleaders. The pack was handing out the stickers at the student bookstore on Sept. 17 when an unnamed woman refused to take one as she entered the store. As she left, the cheerleaders allegedly confronted her and covered her with stickers, and one cheerleader allegedly hit her in the face. State College police did not file charges.

By Vijay Singh, Tiger Woods's single-year PGA Tour earnings record. Singh pocketed $756,000 by winning for the eighth time, at last week's 84 Lumber Classic, bringing his 2004 total to $9,455,566 ($267,245 more than Woods won in 2000). "It's a run I hope never ends," Singh said. "I'm enjoying it so much, and I feel like every time I enter a tournament, I should win it."

Of apparent heart failure at the age of 71, water polo great Pete Cutino. Well-known for his bald pate, bushy mustache and fiery behavior, Cutino coached at Cal for 26 years, winning eight national championships and the NCAA's Coach of the Year Award four times. When he retired from Cal in 1988, Cutino had won 33 straight matches. In 1999 the NCAA established the Peter J. Cutino Award, water polo's equivalent of the Heisman Trophy.