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Peter King's Five Things I Think I Think



I THINK if Emmitt Smith has an ounce of petrol left in the ol' gas tank, I certainly didn't see it on Sunday. I realize he's running behind a terrible offensive line, but I didn't see him slam into the hole one time.


I think that is one grim-looking Tampa Bay ball club you've got there, Jon Gruden. If you're not going to renegotiate with holdout Keenan McCardell, then for heaven's sake throw him to Kansas City for a draft choice, will you?


I think after talking to someone very close to Ricky Williams a few days ago, it seems right to think Williams would solve all his financial problems by coming back to football, especially after an arbitrator ruled last Friday that he had to pay the Dolphins $8.6 million in reparations for bailing out on them before the end of his contract. There's only one problem with this scenario, though: Ricky doesn't want to play football. "I have to tell you that his mind is just not there yet," said the person close to Williams.


I think the Vikings are starting to get too many injuries to be a January factor.


I thinkall you need to know about the influence of Bill Belichick in the Patriots' locker room is the tone he sets for his team every week. The tone now is to forget the longest winning streak in NFL history. New England's at 17. Five teams have won 18 in a row.

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