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Q+A Tim McGraw

The Grammy-winning musician plays the alcoholic father of a high school football player in Friday Night Lights

SI: You filmed your performance at halftime of Monday's Redskins-Cowboys game for use in a video that will air on Monday Night Football in two weeks. I assume you didn't have any wardrobe malfunctions.

McGraw: I don't know what I've got that I could pierce that would look halfway decent.

SI: Your good friend Brett Favre said that you outpunted your coverage when you married Faith Hill. Do you like that football metaphor?

McGraw: Yeah, because it's the truth.

SI: Have you and Faith ever competed together or against each other in a sport?

McGraw: Every year we do a benefit concert back in my hometown in Rayville, Louisiana. Before that concert we always play a softball game: me and my band against Faith and all of our guest artists. They've won every year.

SI: What do you remember about your father [the late Tug McGraw] as a pitcher?

McGraw: His form. From the time I saw him as a kid--even before I met him and before I knew he was my dad--I was a fan of his. When I get flashes of Tug's pitching, I just think of that perfect form he had.

SI: You played basketball and football at Monroe Christian High in Louisiana. What was your finest moment as an athlete?

McGraw: There was one basketball game where I scored something like 48 points. And we didn't have three-pointers yet.

SI: Where does your basketball game stand now?

McGraw: I'm 6 feet, and my hoops game probably stands at about 5'1".

--Richard Deitsch

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