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The Questions

with Duane Clemons
Bengals Defensive End

 What was your welcome-to-the-NFL moment? "Draft day, when they call your name and you go out there and shake Paul Tagliabue's hand and hold up that jersey. It's like, Wow, this is really happening."

Most embarrassing moment? "When I got drafted [No. 16 in 1996 by the Vikings], I didn't know where Minnesota was. I'm from California, and I remember sitting there at the draft trying to rack my brains. I knew it was north, but I couldn't have told you where. In the middle? To the east? The west?" (Clemons majored in ethnic studies at Cal.)

Most treasured possession? "My Suzuki Hyabusa motorcycle. It's a symbol of freedom for me. It's the closest I can come to flying without leaving the ground."

If I weren't in the NFL I'd be ... "In the health and wellness business, helping guys through injuries and to stay healthy."


Clemons had five tackles in the Bengals' home loss (23-9) to the Ravens.


Clemons hits Pittsburgh. Last time there? Four tackles, two sacks.