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Trivial Matters

Chop Till You Drop

Pitching In With a win last Friday over the Marlins, the Braves clinched a record 13th straight division title. Atlanta's success has been due largely to its starting pitching. Which pitcher has had the most wins for the Braves since 1991?

a. Tom Glavine c. Kevin Millwood

b. Greg Maddux d. John Smoltz

Friend and Foe Should they meet the Cubs in the playoffs, the Braves might have to face their old friend Greg Maddux. Should Maddux beat Atlanta, he'd become the second pitcher to win at least one playoff game both for and against the Braves since 1991. Who was the first?

Who Am I? I was the Braves' leading home run hitter in 1991, when I finished sixth in the NL MVP voting. In my seven years with Atlanta, I hit 147 home runs, drove in 480 runs and stole 157 bases. I started at second base, then moved to third, but I spent most of my time in the outfield. Although I was almost done in by a serious leg injury in 1994, my 16year career lasted until 2003, when I was a member of the A's. Can you guess my identity?

Call to Order The only two NL teams the Braves haven't faced in the postseason since 1991 are the only two who haven't made it, the Expos and the Brewers. Place these teams in order of how many playoff-game victories the Braves have against each.

a. Astros c. Cubs

b. Cardinals d. Pirates


PITCHING IN: a. Lefty Tom Glavine won 209 games and two Cy Young Awards for the Braves from 1991 to 2002, 15 more than Maddux.

FRIEND AND FOE: In the 2002 NL Division Series, Russ Ortiz, then of the Giants, beat the Braves two times, including the series-clinching Game 5. Pitching for the Braves in 2003, Ortiz defeated the Cubs in Game 4 of the Division Series.

WHO AM I? I am Ron Gant.

CALL TO ORDER: a. Astros (nine wins in three series); d. Pirates (eight wins in two series); c. Cubs (five wins in two series); b. Cardinals (four wins in two series).