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Jets Fifth-year Quarterback

• ON LIFE IN NEW YORK The first thing I learned was to drive quickly because if you don't, you will get run over. I also love Christmas in the city. I go to see the Rockettes' Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall every year. In New York there's something new every day, some new little hole in the wall.

• ON NEW YORK FANS Very, very passionate. Sometimes their passion comes off as negative because they live and die with you every play, every game. When you're winning, and they're pulling for you, that's a really good thing.

• ON SOUTHERN FOOD UP NORTH Well, down South [he grew up in Knoxville, Tenn.] you're used to chains. And up here you better know somebody to find out where to go. My goal was to put a Cracker Barrel up here, but Cracker Barrel doesn't franchise. So no starting any Cracker Barrels up here for me.

• ON ADVICE FOR ELI MANNING Three rules: Don't read, listen to or watch anything about New York sports or your team. And if you do, don't believe any of it. You have to believe in yourself, and you can't forget about the things that have gotten you to where you are. Just because you're in a big city and playing at the highest level of competition, it doesn't mean you can forget those little things your family taught you along the way. Those things don't change. --As told to Lisa Altobelli

"Sometimes after a big hit you'll see everything in black and white."

--Patrick Ramsey, Redskins QB, page 41