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Trivial Matters

Great Scottie
Leader Board Last week six-time NBA champion and two-time Olympic gold medalist Scottie Pippen announced his retirement. In only one season during his 17-year career did Pippen lead the NBA in a major statistical category. What category was it?

a. Assists per game

b. Points per game

c. Steals per game

d. Three-point field goal percentage

Second Fiddle
For most of Michael Jordan's career with Chicago, Pippen served as the team's second scoring option. Who was the only Bulls player other than Pippen to finish second on the team in scoring average when Pippen and Jordan were on the team?

This Week's Matchup
In 1987, before being traded to the Bulls, Pippen was drafted by the SuperSonics out of Central Arkansas, an NAIA school. Can you match these other NBA stars with the NAIA schools they attended?

1. Elgin Baylor         a. Guilford College

2. Lloyd Free           b. College of Idaho

3. Dennis Rodman    c. Illinois Wesleyan

4. Jack Sikma          d. SE Oklahoma State

Call to Order
Pippen was named to the All-NBA first, second or third team seven times. Put these greats in order of the number of times they were named to the first team.

a. Charles Barkley     c. Scottie Pippen

b. Walt Frazier         d. John Stockton


LEADER BOARD: c. Pippen led the NBA with 2.94 steals per game during the 1994-95 season. He is the career leader in three-point field goal attempts in the postseason (640), the NBA Finals (117) and the All-Star Game (22).

SECOND FIDDLE: Forward Charles Oakley was second in 1987-88, Pippen's rookie season. That year Pippen was sixth on the team with 7.9 points per game.

THIS WEEK'S MATCHUP: 1. b; 2. a; 3. d; 4. c

CALL TO ORDER: a. Barkley (five times); b. Frazier (four); c. Pippen (three); d. Stockton (two)