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November 1, 2004 Table Of Contents

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Running with Renewed Purpose

After nearly drowning this summer, Robert Carr went after the Yale rushing record as if his life depended on it

By Michael Farber

Turning Actors into Players

Thanks to ReelSports Solutions, filmgoers don't cringe when they see a Hollywood celeb attempt a pass

By Randy Williams

Matchmakers vs. the Machine

The husband and wife team that made big league scheduling an art is finally being replaced by a computer

By Bruce Stoff

Pop Warner for Grownups

A college English teacher takes his lumps and loves it on a small-time football team in upstate New York

By Charles Hirshberg

Shark Tales

Lawsuits, boardroom jukes, negotiating jive: Who knew there was so much predatory behavior behind college football telecasts?

By Charles Hirshberg

Faces in the Crowd

Trivial Matters

By David Sabino

Sports Illustrated Bonus Section: Golf Plus

Inside Cover

I'll Give Up My Cart When They Pry It From My Cold, Dead Hands

Civil War on the Champions Tour

By Michael Arkush

Leather and Laces

Want to know how it feels to be a PGA Tour player? Walk a mile in his shoes, or better yet, his shoemaker's

Right on Schedule

Rookie Ryan Palmer's first Tour victory is more evidence that the old school is still in session

By Jim Gorant


Ryan Palmer hit a power fade to take the trouble out of play on the 72nd hole and clinch his first PGA Tour win

By Craig Shankland

Heard on the Range

By Jim Gorant

Golf Plus/ Poll

Voting hours at 7 p.m. EDT Sunday to 3 p.m. EDT Monday

By Jim Gorant

Sal Stats

By Sal JohnSON


By GORJUS George Lucas*


By Jim Gorant


By Billy Andrade


Tony Trabert, Tennis Champion

AUGUST 29, 1955

By Melissa Segura


An Ear for The Game

By Steve Rushin

SI Players: Life on and off the field

Ray Lewis

Ravens Linebacker

By Jeffri Chadiha

SI Players

Who's Hot/ Who's Not

SI Players Poll

Based on a survey of 354 players

A Sense of History

Even as they look ahead to Sunday's games, these NFL stars draw lessons from the past

By Sarah Thurmond



In Search of TO's Sharpie



Mike Rucker, Panthers DE, with Jeffri Chadiha

By Mike Rucker

The Questions with Quincy Carter/Jets Quarterback

By Quincy Carter

The Other Beantown

Starbucks, rich techies, soft showers: One visit and you'll want to Hasselbeck

By Adam Duerson

The World Series

Blood and Guts

In their quest to KO the Cardinals--and the Curse--Curt Schilling and the Red Sox got off on the right foot

By Tom Verducci

A Duel of Two Cities

If Boston and St. Louis are America's two greatest baseball towns (who would argue?), let's see how they match up

Father and Son ... Boston

They didn't have the same opinions about the Red Sox, but talking about the team helped bring them together, especially at the end

By Francisco Goldman

Father and Son... St. Louis

Jack Buck taught his boy many things: the job of broadcasting, the way to treat people and how to go to bed thinking about the Cardinals

By Joe Buck

The Myth of the Curse

What has the selling of the Babe wrought for the Red Sox? Exactly what the Boston faithful wanted: 8 1/2 decades of self-indulgent suffering

By Charles P. Pierce

Pro Football

Right on Target

With supreme confidence and accuracy,do-it-all Daunte Culpepper is threatening NFL passing records and putting the Vikings on a fast track to the playoffs

By Michael Silver

Hot Hands

DAUNTE CULPEPPER isn't the only NFL quarterback on the brink of a career season. Here are three other passers who, although at very different stages in their development, are having notable starts in 2004.

By Josh Elliott

College Football

Wild Out West

Running mad in Urban Meyer's radical spread-option attack, Utah is stalking an unbeaten season--and putting another scare into the powers behind the BCS

By Kelley King

Sure, They're Fun, but ...

... Do the Utes belong with the big boys? Two opinions on whether a Mountain West team deserves a BCS bowl bid

By Tim Layden

College Basketball

The Chosen Ones

Providence coach Tim Welsh and his staff gave SI an inside look at their 13-month pursuit of this year's entering class. It was a process filled with red herrings, blind alleys, rejection, despair--and, in the end, high hopes

By George Dohrmann



The Week in Sports

Inside College Football

Back in Style

Despite the proliferation of passing offenses, a few runners are bucking the trend and putting up big numbers

By Mark Beech

Three and Out

By Stewart Mandel

Bulldogs Bite The Gators


By Mark Beech

Phil Taylor's Sidelines

By Phil Taylor

Inside Motor Sports

Points Man

Kurt Busch didn't win at Martinsville, but his sixth straight top five finish jacked up his lead in the Cup Chase

By Lars Anderson

Death in the Family

By Lars Anderson

Inside The NFL

Going Deep

The undefeated Eagles went way down their roster for help in pulling out an overtime win over the Browns

By Peter King

Bitter Owens Eyes Ravens


By Peter King

Chiefs Rush to Scoring Record


By Peter King

King's Corner

By Peter King

Pack's Walker Breaking Out


By Peter King

Dr. Z's Forecast

By Paul Zimmerman


Baseball for Dummies

By Rick Reilly


Leading Off


Wait Class

When the courts ran a reverse last spring, two college football stars wound up on the sidelines. Their different ways of handling exile could shape their NFL futures

By Phil Taylor

Smarty Pooper

With America's favorite horse retired, this isn't the Breeders' Cup the industry hoped for. But if you have a jones for jazzy ponies, it could still be one heck of a party

By Mark Beech

Back in Business

Cleared by the NCAA, Rick Neuheisel hopes to move past a gambling scandal

By Chris Ballard

Go Figure

For the Record

Wild in the Streets

For the second time this year, a Boston postgame celebration turns tragic

By Yi-Wyn Yen

The Show

By Bill Scheft

Q+A Roy Jones Jr.

By Roy Jones Jr.

The Beat

By Lisa Altobelli

The 10 Spot By Pete McEntegart

By Pete McEntegart

Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback

By Peter King

The Poll Position

Under Review

By Nancy Ramsey

The Week Ahead

What to watch and watch for

By Julia Morrill