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Trivial Matters

Trey Bien

Perimeter Pioneers

This season marks the silver anniversary of the NBA's three-point shot. The league's first three-pointer was made by Boston's Chris Ford on Oct. 12, 1979. Ford shot 42.7% from behind the arc that year, good for second in the league. Who led the league in three-point percentage that season?

a. Rick Barry, Rockets

b. Larry Bird, Celtics

c. Fred Brown, Sonics

d. Reggie Theus, Bulls

American Beauties

Though new to the NBA in 1979, the trey was a staple of the ABA during its nine-year existence, from 1967 to '76. Who was the ABA's career leader in three-pointers made?

This Week's Matchup

At 45.4% Steve Kerr is the NBA's alltime leader in three-point accuracy. Kerr is also the career percentage leader for the Bulls, Cavs and Spurs. Can you match these other teams with their alltime three-point field goal percentage leader?

1. Heat          a. Dale Ellis

2. Kings        b. Jim Les

3. Nuggets    c. Kenny Smith

4. Rockets    d. Jon Sundvold

Call to Order

The three-pointer is a staple for many players and teams but is largely disregarded by others. Place the following in order of the three-pointers made during the indicated time period.

a. Mike Bibby of the Kings, in the 2004 playoffs

b. Detroit's Richard Hamilton, in the 2003--04 season

c. Atlanta, against Dallas on Dec. 17, 1996

d. Magic Johnson, in his first five NBA seasons


PERIMETER PIONEERS: c. "Downtown" Fred Brown was the first man to lead the NBA in three-point percentage. He made 39 of his 88 attempts (44.3%).

AMERICAN BEAUTIES: Louie Dampier made a league-record 794 three-pointers.

THIS WEEK'S MATCHUP: 1. d; 2. b; 3. a; 4. c

CALL TO ORDER: a. (24 threes in 12 playoff games); d. (22 from 1979-80 to '83-84); c. (an NBA single-game record of 19); b. (18 last season)