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The Questions with Freddie Mitchell

Eagles Receiver

What was your welcome-to-the-NFL moment?

"When I got taxed half my paycheck."

Most treasured possession?

"My fourth-and-26 jersey. The play I made last year [in Eagles' playoff win], that was the jersey."

Most embarrassing moment?

"I was in Beverly Hills, eating at Mr. Chow with a tableful of friends, and I thought Mariah Carey was looking at me. I kind of made a move at her. Then the waiter let me know that she was really looking at the guy behind me."

Favorite off-day activity?

"I like fishing."

If I weren't in the NFL, I'd be ...

"In L.A., an entrepreneur with movies and stuff. I'd be a great personal assistant, too. I know what makes a celebrity happy. For me it's privacy."

Last Week

Mitchell helped the Eagles go to 7--0 with win over Ravens--a markedly different Halloween performance from 2002's, when he dressed up as SpongeBob SquarePants and visited Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

This Week

Eagles head to Pittsburgh, where Mitchell will face safety Troy Polamalu. Last time they met on the field was as college rivals, when Mitchell starred for UCLA and Polamalu for USC.