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Heard on the Range


Twelve-year-old Graham White of Atlanta, who was the walking scorer for Darren Clarke's group last Friday at the Tour Championship, was given a driver by the Irishman immediately following the round. "[Mr. Clarke] asked me if I played golf, and I said 'Yes, sir,'" White said. "He handed me the driver. I only saw him hit it bad twice." ... Defending champion Chad Campbell left Atlanta on Friday after getting the news that his father, Phillip, had suffered a heart attack in Andrews, Texas. The diagnosis turned out to be incorrect, and Phillip was released from Covenant Methodist Hospital in Lubbock on Sunday after being treated for a blocked artery.... Sherrie Daly, who underwent hernia and gallbladder surgery on Oct. 7, had her sentencing for a federal money-laundering conviction pushed back to Nov. 15. The wife of John Daly had entered a guilty plea on April 5 in exchange for five years of probation and six months of home detention, but in August a U.S. district court judge in Oxford, Miss., ruled that the plea bargain was too lenient.... Forty-five minutes before she was to go on the air for the second round of the Tour Championship, on-course reporter Judy Rankin slipped and fell in the ABC compound, fracturing her left elbow and cutting her nose and hands. She was replaced by Billy Andrade on Saturday, then Billy Ray Brown on Sunday.... Brent Geiberger was fined $20,000 by the PGA Tour for slow play after he was put on the clock 10 times in this season. He's the first player ever to receive such a punishment. --J.G., Farrell Evans




Rankin's fall kept her off the air on the weekend.