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The Questions with Orlando Pace

Rams Tackle

What was your welcome-to-the-NFL moment? As a rookie with the Rams I went to dinner at Ruth's Chris Steak House with eight or nine veterans. They're ordering Cristal and not really drinking it and ordering all this food and not really eating it. Luckily they only had three or four lobsters left in the restaurant. I'm just sitting at the table shaking my head. Then they handed me the bill, more than five grand, and said, "Welcome to the NFL."

Most treasured possession? My Super Bowl ring. I keep it in a safe in my house.

Favorite off day activity? I have two sons, Justin and Jalen. They're two and four. I end up playing with them all day. Kids today have really good toys, so it can be pretty fun. My oldest is into Spider-Man, so he'll run around with the Spider-Man gloves on, and I'll play the bad guy.

If I weren't in the NFL I'd be ... A fireman. As a child I was in awe of fire trucks. Besides, those guys are heroes. Who doesn't want to be a hero?

Last Week

Pace and the Rams were beaten 37-17 in Buffalo

This Week

Rams play in Green Bay on Monday night; they've won three straight on MNF.