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Forget political commentary and stuffy British dramas--we're approaching You Go, Girl! week on PBS. In the documentary Girl Wrestler (Dec. 14, 10 p.m.) 13-year-old Tara Neal of Austin is determined to pursue her sport even though John Rizzuti, president of the Texas Wrestling Officials Association, has declared, "Hell will freeze over before I officiate girls being brutalized by guys." Neal qualifies for several regional tournaments and goes on to the nationals in Fresno. But it's uncertain how long she'll compete since state law prohibits girls from wrestling boys after age 14, and girls' programs are rare.

Not so basketball. In This Is a Game Ladies (Dec. 16, 9 p.m.) we follow the Rutgers Scarlet Knights over the 2000--01 season, with coach C. Vivian Stringer at the helm. If Stringer, the only coach to lead three schools to the Final Four (Cheyney in 1982, Iowa in 1993, Rutgers in 2000), didn't invent tough love, she certainly advanced the concept. Slackers are kicked off the team, and a 19-point win over California is no cause to celebrate. But after her "ladies" defeat top-ranked Notre Dame 54--53, no one is happier. "How does it feel to beat Number 1?" Stringer yells, and suddenly the love doesn't seem so tough. --Nancy Ramsey