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A Speech To Forget


In his first team meeting as interim coach of the Browns last week, Terry Robiskie walked to the front of the room with a shovel and a bucket of ice. After asking those players who considered themselves leaders to join him, Robiskie grabbed the shovel and said, "If I were digging a hole to hell and going to fight the devil and had nothing but this bucket of ice to fight him with, would you go with me?" Then, reminding the players that they needed to unite in the wake of the departure of coach Butch Davis, Robiskie said, "We can go in together, stand with each other, or we can go our separate ways."

Defensive end Kenard Lang said the players were moved by the speech. Yet on Sunday the Pats' Bethel Johnson returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown, and New England was on its way to a 42--15 rout of Cleveland.