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The Questions with Christian Fauria

Patriots Tight End

What was your welcome-to-the-NFL moment?
My rookie year against Denver. [Safety] Steve Atwater was still playing, and I caught the ball and saw number 27 getting ready to tackle me. I'd watched him as a kid. I thought, Oh, my God. Steve Atwater is trying to tackle me. But wait. I have the ball. I need to keep running. He totally tackled me. But he was cool. After the game he came up and said hey.

Most embarrassing moment
This year against the Seahawks I dropped a ball that was right to me. My three-year-old, Caleb, could have caught it.

Favorite off-day activity
When the house is empty and I can watch TV by myself and veg. I have three kids, so downtime is scarce. The funny thing is, I keep going to the kids' stations out of habit. I'll end up leaving it on Cartoon Network and not even realizing it. When I snap out of it, I'll try and make up for it by watching MTV or something.

If I weren't in the NFL, I'd be ...
Doing something in real estate back in California.

Last Week

Fauria, 33, had a TD catch in win over Bengals.

This Week

Bright lights, big city: Fauria and Pats go to Miami for Monday Night Football.