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Original Issue

Starting Over

A look at the projected 2005 rotations for five of last season's playoff contenders (new starters in red)


Barry Zito

Rich Harden

Joe Blanton [new starter]

Danny Haren [new starter]

Dan Meyer [new starter]

Zito, 26, has nearly as many major league wins (72) as the other four starters have total appearances (79).


Tim Hudson [new starter]

John Smoltz [new starter]

Mike Hampton

John Thomson

Horacio Ramirez

Just like the good old days with Glavine and Maddux, starting pitching is the strength of Bobby Cox's team.


Mark Mulder [new starter]

Matt Morris

Chris Carpenter

Jason Marquis

Jeff Suppan

Each member of the Cardinals' quintet won at least 15 games and threw at least 180 innings last season.


Curt Schilling

David Wells [new starter]

Matt Clement [new starter]

Bronson Arroyo

Tim Wakefield

Note to Wells: The last Red Sox lefthander to make 25 starts in a season was Frank Viola in 1993.


Randy Johnson [new starter]

Mike Mussina

Carl Pavano [new starter]

Jaret Wright [new starter]

Kaz Ishii [new starter]

The pending Johnson-Ishii deal would give the Yanks four new starters for the second straight year.