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The Questions with Donnie Edwards/Chargers Linebacker

What was your welcome-to- the-NFL moment?
My first year, the Thanksgiving Day game against the Lions. Barry Sanders was there. I didn't know if I should cover him or ask for an autograph.

Most embarrassing moment?
This year against the Chiefs there was a screen play and [K.C. guard] Brian Waters came out of nowhere and knocked me off my feet. The guys on the team gave me crap. They said when he hit me, my feet were still moving in the air like I was still running. Like a cartoon. All I saw was blue sky.

Favorite off-day activity?
Jumping on my Wave Runners with my brother Antwone. We ride out of San Diego Harbor, and it's so peaceful. The water is like glass, and the aircraft carriers are out there. My brother's crazier with the waves. I take it easy. I'm usually still sore from the game.

If I weren't in the NFL, I'd be ...
Holding public office. I'd like to be a congressman. I'm commissioner of the governor's After-School AllStars program in San Diego. I know Arnold and Maria pretty well.

Last Week

Edwards had six tackles in a 24-17 win over the Chiefs.

This Week

Chargers host Jets on Saturday.